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Don't the holidays always seem to come at the most inconvenient times? Last year, I gave birth to my daughter in September. Immediately after, I found myself traveling for birthdays, weddings (three in one week!), my husband's business—and as soon as the dust cleared, it was the holiday season. We were able to do all this with a newborn-in-tow because we embraced babywearing.

At first, I was afraid to entrust my tiny precious newborn to a piece of fabric (what if I did it wrong and she fell?) but once we got the hang of it it became our go-to way of soothing and traveling with our little one. Here are five reasons why babywearing is a lifesaver during the holidays.

1. Not everywhere is stroller friendly.

As far as I'm concerned, most strollers have two major drawbacks: no matter how compact they are, they still take up a significant amount of space, and they keep you at a distance from your baby. Whenever we're in a crowded space, from holiday shopping to a crowded holiday party, I love to pop baby into a carrier. It's easier to get around, and people aren't as likely to try to touch her or kiss her if they have to bump heads with me to do it.

2. Carriers help keep baby comfortable and at ease.

The world is brand-new to babies, and over the holidays it can seem particularly loud and overwhelming. Keeping baby close to you in a carrier allows them to use you as a safe space from which to check out their surroundings. If they're too overwhelmed, most often, they'll just rest their head on your chest and go to sleep.

3. Breastfeed on the low (and on the go).

If you're nursing, it's very easy to breastfeed discreetly in a baby carrier, with or without a cover. This is especially nice when you're visiting family and friends during the holidays and public nursing can be uncomfortable or even hotly debated. The carrier is also helpful if you want to keep nursing while you leave your hands free to attend to other fun holiday things (or your other kids!).

4. It keeps you and baby extra-toasty.

You'll find this out rather quickly if you haven't already, but a sleeping baby on your chest is like a space heater--except much more cuddly. When wearing baby, your body chemistry helps to regulate your child's temperature, and the carrier itself provides an extra layer of warmth. It's a perfect way to make sure your little one is always just warm enough when those cold holiday guests come through.

5. It's simple enough to tap out if you need a break.

The best thing about babywearing is that anyone can do it! If you get tired and need a break, dad can easily wear baby around instead, taking them off your hands while you take some time to yourself. If dad's busy too, grandparents, aunts and even sometimes an older, responsible sibling can step in. It's a great way to get trusted family members involved during holiday visits. They'll enjoy being asked to help, and baby will get to bond with them, too.

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