*We’ve partnered with Vichy to give motherhood a much needed beauty boost.

As a new mom, chances are you’re already spending quite a bit of time at the drugstore. A quick trip for a pack of diapers, a late-night run to replace a lost pacifier, and frequent stock-ups on all sorts of lotions, potions and creams to care for baby’s delicate skin. But while you’re raiding the drugstore aisles for your baby, you might want to pick up a few things for you. Things that will make you look and feel like the hot mama you know you are, even when the only person really checking you out these days is your new baby.

Whether you need to hide just how tired you are, help you get out of a hair rut, or just give your new mama skin the love it deserves, the drugstore has your back. Here’s how to elevate your mom look from top to bottom with just a quick trip down the street.

image 525 Motherly

1. Your Skin. Give your skin a daily boost of hydration and help defend against aging, pollution and stress with a product like Vichy’s Mineral 89 Fortifying & Hydrating Daily Skin Booster. All it takes is two drops a day! With just 11 ingredients (including the richly hydrating hyaluronic acid), it’s 100% paraben free, and contains no silicones, colorants, fragrance, alcohol or oil —so you can feel confident that your nuzzle won’t irritate your little one when you snuggle in close. Consider this your all-in-one daily dose of beauty.

image 4254 Motherly2. Your Smell. Take a second to give yourself a sniff. If you barely have time to shower, let alone spritz yourself with sexy perfume, you may be in the market for a new deodorant, that both stops sweat and odor but also leaves you with a fresh, clean scent.

image 4255 Motherly3. Your Hair. Next, head to the haircare aisle, and toss a package of bobby pins in your basket. This is one of those small-but-mighty items that can turn a ho-hum bun into a more sophisticated twist. It can also help you give some TLC to those fine, still growing in baby hairs that sprout a few months after having a baby. Simply use a few pins to hold them back, which is far gentler on those strands then trying to pull them into a ponytail every day.

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4. Your Wardrobe. If throwing on leggings and a tee every day is leaving you feeling…well…sort of uninspired and in too much of a “mom uniform”— but you just don’t even know what you do want to wear—head over to the magazine rack to pick up a fashion or celebrity magazine. Sure, feel free to get up-to-speed on stars’ breakups and makeups, but then concentrate on gleaning ideas for what you might want to wear, based on the cool looks you like that are popping up on the glossy mag pages.

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5. Your Other Hair. Finally, pick up a pair of tweezers! Hormonal fluctuations—not to mention a sheer lack of time and energy—can leave you with sudden sprouts of hair in odd places, but a fresh set of pointy pluckers will make yanking those out a quick and easy task and let you show off your new glow without worrying that people are peeping an errant chin whisker.

*This post was sponsored by Vichy. See what drugstores near you carry Vichy USA, or order online!

Illustration by Amanda Crowley for Well Rounded.