Name: Maggie Jones Patton Neighborhood: West Village, NY Occupation: Co-Founder, Bitsy's Brainfood , Organic Children's Food Baby’s Gender: Surprise! How would you describe your pregnant style? It’s pretty similar to my regular style: very casual, usually jeans and a white blouse, flowy boho top (I like Rikshaw Designs, which my business partner Alex turned me onto back in my first pregnancy), or oversized soft sweaters. Depending on the season, comfy boots or casual sandals. This is kind of random, but I live in cowboy boots . They give great arch support, a little heel, and I can still chase my 3 and 5 year olds in them even while pregnant! I'm honestly on a pretty tight budget when it comes to fashion, but I think it's worth splurging on one or two things you feel good in (Hatch Collection really makes you feel pretty). For the rest, Target and H&M have some great things. Target's maternity jeans are honestly awesome and such a steal. And a little fun jewelry! I love turquoise and gold for spring and summer. Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during pregnancy? I actually wish that I'd spent more time having fun with my pregnancy style this time around. Life has been busy with our start-up and with my three and five year olds. It feels so good when I do make the effort that I wish I had done so more often throughout my pregnancy. It's such a fun time to have your own unique style and enjoy that baby bump. So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy? With this being my third pregnancy, I've got to say that I've felt the pressure! I felt so good throughout my first two pregnancies aside from heartburn, so generally how my body has felt this time around has been quite a surprise! As a result, I'll also be surprised if I make it to my due date, whereas the other two babies came a few days late. What are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby? Lots and lots of snuggles and definitely the joy and love that I know he or she is going to have from my two children. My kids are so excited for this baby to arrive! I just can't wait for our little family to all be together. I also think there's nothing better than a little babies first smiles and giggles. It's just so special. I hope I can savor it all as much as possible. What’s your 5 registry essentials?
  1. A Good Sound Machine: The Marsona Sound Machine TSCI-330 by Marpac -- I now have one for myself as well and can't sleep without it.
  2. Swaddles: Honest Company's Aden & Anais collaboration organic swaddles
  3. A great baby carrier: I like the Beco Baby Carrier or the Ergo Baby 360
  4. A Swing: Go for functional over stylish on this one despite the fact that it's kind of huge and in your living room... You can't go wrong with a Fisher Price Cradle and Swing. It works like a dream.
  5. A Breast Pump with some power like Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump. If you are really going to go for it, work and breastfeed, get a pump that has some umph. It makes a difference.
Maggie is wearing: Pacifica Beauty make up (founded and run by an amazing woman Brooke Harvey Taylor) Enewton Design Earrings and bracelets . Enewton is a beautiful jewelry company started by a friend of mine. She has four kids --including triplets -- and is running her business! Hatch Collection Riviera Dress in Clay Rag and Bone Newbury Boot in Light Taupe Canvas Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids. Shot on location at Maman Tribeca.