Babywearing is amazing. You get to cuddle even while on the go. And while there are tons of benefits for baby, we are here to talk fashion! Have you ever built an entire outfit around your favorite accessory, for instance, leopard print hair calf shoeties?! Now, that favorite accessory is your baby in a pouch. When it comes to babywearing style, comfort and practicality are essential. And with that comes confidence...which is always fashionable.

Here's 6 babywearing style tips to get you through the winter.

  1. SHOES. Since your shoes go on last, slip-ons are a necessity. Pass on flip-flops or heels as they can lead to tripping. When it comes to comfort, most are inclined to wear sneakers yet the ties present problems. Try slip-on sneakers like Vans and Toms. Luckily this season the sneaker sole is trending on a variety of shoes such as loafers and oxfords. TOMS Avalon Slip-Ons, $98
  2. BOTTOMS. Minimize bulk around the waist since most baby carriers cinch here. Leggings, Maxi skirts and simple dresses are really comfortable and always stylish. (Ahem, skirts and dresses also make it easier to use the toilet - in case going to the toilet while baby wearing is your thing. Don’t be surprised if you join the club.) Athleta Tux Metro Legging, $98
  3. TOPS. Smooth, Long, Cool & Nursing Friendly are four things to keep in mind. Baby will be resting against your top so avoid anything with beading, zippers etc. The carrier will hike your top up a little which is why wearing a longer shirt (hold onto your maternity tops!) can be more comfortable. Also think of the baby as your portable heater so there is no need to wear a bulky sweater or several layers. If you really want to triple task, you can try nursing while babywearing. Seraphine Neon Detail Nursing Sweater, $79
  4. OUTERWEAR. Babywearing in winter can be cumbersome with all of the layering. Though the biggest comfort is knowing your baby is warmest right next to you. Your maternity coat will still come in handy, or choose outerwear such as capes and sweater wraps that are easy to pull around your pouch. There’s even some style babywearing coats. Whatever you use, it must have pockets. Hatch Collection Claude Jacket.
  5. BABY BAG. The traditional over the shoulder, bulky diaper bag is not the most ideal way to carry your essentials when baby wearing. If you need to bring lots of stuff go with a back pack. If you want to go lighter, a small crossbody for your phone, money, solitary diaper and chapstick is easy to sling on. Liz Claiborne Crossbody Bag, $50
  6. WINTER ACCESSORIES. Since you cannot zip your jacket up to your chin as you normally would during cold weather, the right scarf is needed to cover this exposed skin. With your baby’s head right there opt for an infinity style in something soft, thin & washable. *If your baby is very young make sure you are not obstructing his breathing. Gloves or mittens with easy access to your fingers are a no brainer. If you don’t have a coat which zips or wraps over the baby, there are great carrier cover options which are especially nice on a windy day. Manito Wind-Ban Baby Carrier Windbreaker, $42