There's a lot you can do on the journey to parenthood to be as prepped as possible.

Here are 6 of our favorite ways to grow stronger as a couple before baby arrives—

1. Find your comfort zone

He loves Saturday morning runs together.

She adores Thursday night date nights at the downtown bar.

Whatever makes you happy as a couple, own it. Parenthood can come as a shock to the system, so the more that you can know how to find your happy place together, the easier it will be to find it once baby arrives.

2. Build those memories

Somewhere a few months, or years from now, you'll lay in bed while your little one snoozes nearby. Happily trapped by the demands of parenthood, you'll reminisce about life before kids—how it is was freer, and yet not necessarily fuller.

You'll also remember the fun you had before kids—and will fondly fall back on these memories during rough patches.

So build your memories now. Live outside the box. Take risks together. Travel. They're laying the foundation for a family.

3. Learn how to handle stress—together

Maybe he needs to talk things out. Maybe she needs alone time to find her inner peace.

Use this time before baby arrives to learn how you handle challenges in your own unique ways, and how to support your partner when he or she is going through a tough time.

4. Get on the same page

Credit scores.



They're not the fun topics in any relationship, but getting on the same page about the big stuff will help relieve stress down the line.

5. Create rituals

Whose family hosts Thanksgiving? Where do you go to worship? What's your go-to celebratory dish?

You can think about borrowing from longstanding family traditions (hello Sunday dinners!) or create some traditions of your own.

Creating rituals and traditions before kids arrive both builds your bond, and strengthens your family's story on the journey to parenthood. It will mean even more down the line to include your little one in them.

6. Encourage growth

Maybe your partner is ready to really get in shape—or you're ready to push your career into high gear.

Encourage your partner to grow in new ways now, and consider how your own actions and behavior can help accelerate or thwart success.

Parenthood will stretch and grow you in brand new ways. Get started now to prep for the incredible journey ahead.