I know you don't want to buy a maternity coat. But if you're planning to wear your favorite non-maternity winter coat through your pregnancy, beware. The fabric will stretch, the buttons will pop, the zipper will break. And then bye-bye favorite non-maternity winter coat. My advice? Find a reasonably priced (or dare we suggest, inexpensive?) maternity jacket that you'll toss when the snow starts melting on the other side OR invest in some pregnancy friendly outerwear that works for babywearing or flatters your postpartum shape. Here's 7 maternity coats that fit the bill. 1. This smart wool and faux fur number has discreet zippers to open secret hidden panels to accomodate for your belly. Zip them up post-pregnancy and voila! Regular coat once again. Seraphine Faux-Fur Collar Short Maternity Coat, $159 2. We know this knit poncho is a splurge, but if every compliment was a dollar, we promise it will be worth it's weight. It's just as beautiful with a big belly as it is with no belly at all. Maje Marcadet Jacquard-Knit Fringed Poncho $570 3. We're not saying you're going to throw your maternity coat away, but you might throw your maternity coat away. No judgement, and certainly no mom guilt when you can get a classic everyday coat on the cheap. Old Navy Maternity Funnel-Neck Coat, $69.94 4. We can't get enough of this crisp, cardigan-style coat in a plaid that's as basic as it is fashion-foward. It's as perfect for the bump as it is for babywearing and beyond. Hatch Claude Jacket, $348 5. If you're going to buy something for just one season, why not take a little fashion risk? Sure, you may be sick of those patches come Spring, but at this price, who cares? ASOS Maternity Bomber With Badges $45.10 6. There's day you'll just want to curl up in a big parka, but can't justify the big parka pricetag. This H&M version will do just fine, with its adjustable drawstring below the bust and around the hem. H&M Mama Parka, $69.99 7. For those winter nights out on the town, or just those days you're feeling badass, this fringe maternity jacket will frame your belly in the most gorgeous way. Ella Moss Maternity Jacket, $129.97