Summer can be rough when you're pregnant. As temperatures (and humidity... so much humidity) spike and your internal oven kicks the baby-making into high gear, getting dressed in the morning can start to feel like your day's toughest chore. But, mama, trust us when we tell you that you are just as hot as the sidewalk outside 🔥

So don't sweat it! And in case you still need a little inspiration to really feel it, though, here's a round-up of some of our favorite summer maternity style looks.

Simple tank & denim shorts

The name of the game in summer maternity fashion? As little clothing as possible. (Kidding... kind of!) We love pairing a simple white tank top (look for a nursing friendly style that can carry you through the "fourth trimester" and beyond) with a distressed pair of maternity denim shorts.

Graphic tee & comfortable sneakers

All eyes will be on your belly anyway—make the most of it with a graphic oversized tee that's loose enough too keep a little air flowing.

Fitted dress & knotted tee

A knotted shirt is one of the simplest tricks we know to add a little flair to any classic look. Tie a favorite T over a jersey skirt or dress for instant dimension (without adding extra bulk).

Stretchy dress & knotted button-down

Not quite filling out your maternity dresses yet? Simply tie a chambray shirt or other button-down around your waist for an instantly belly-defining silhouette. (Plus, you're prepared if temperatures drop after the sun goes down.)

Maxi dress & gladiator sandals

In our opinion, maxi dresses were made for the pregnant mamas. Give yours a punch of panache by opting for a details style with a bold one-shoulder neckline and an adjustable-for-all-trimesters tie waist.