One of the hardest things about having a newborn is lugging all the stuff around. Even a simple trip to the grocery store by way of the park means you have to pack for almost any scenario , which doesn't leave much room in your diaper bag or stroller for much else, and it definitely doesn't include any treats for a busy mom on the go. That's where we come in. We put together a list of cheap-but-luxurious, healthy, safe products for mama (and baby!) that will brighten your day in just one swipe, spritz, or smear.

From good-smelling lotions to refreshing toners, here are 8 beauty products under $20 that will make you smile, even in the midst of the biggest diaper blowouts!

Weleda, Skin Food

There are about a million uses for legendary Weleda's 90-years-old Skin Food. It soothes chapped hands. It's a great lip balm. In a pinch, it can be used in place of diaper cream. Makeup artists tout it as a highlighter for cheeks! From acne to eczema, this cream heals it all. It has a nice, subtle scent that is not overpowering, which makes it good for postpartum-sensitive noses and babies' delicate systems. $12.99, buy it here.

W3LL PEOPLE, Nudist ColorBalm stick

Your hands are full. And possibly dirty (see below, we'll get to that), so you don't exactly have time or bandwidth to use a pot of lip balm or, heaven forbid, apply lipstick! Here's the perfect solution. It feels like a balm, but you don't have to dip your grimy fingers into it. It looks like a lipstick, but it's light and forgiving enough that you can apply it without a mirror. With 6 shades to choose from and no toxic chemicals, there's no excuse. Now your parched lips are moisturized and you look more pulled-together. $15.75, Buy it here.

One Love Organics, Easy Does It (travel size)

Ever been in a Starbucks bathroom and found they're out of soap? Ew. Or been at a playground and put your hand on a park bench that has something sticky on it you'd rather not think about? Easy Does It to the rescue! This foamy, gentle soap fits in your pocket but packs a cleaning punch with a delightful, delicate scent you'll adore. It can be used all over your body, including as a very gentle, effective facial cleanser and makeup remover! Having it in your bag will ensure that you're never caught with dirty hands or a sweaty face when you're trekking around the city in the summer heat. Take it to the water fountain at the playground and wash off whatever that was you put your hand in on that bench!! Now! $9, Buy it here.

One Love Organics, Skin Savior

For an extra treat, follow any use of the Easy Does It foaming cleanser with a thin layer of One Love Organics' Skin Savior balm! The travel size will last you a long time, and the sweet, orange scent will make you smile. $19, Buy here.

Leahlani Skincare, Body Butter

Aaaahhh, the smell of vacation. I've never been to Hawaii, and between the long flight and my young kids, it seems like I probably won't get there anytime soon, but a girl can pretend! One whiff of any of these 5 dreamy, Hawaiian-made body butters and you'll be transported, if only momentarily. Whether you want the floral scent of Hawaii (Kauai Orchid), the smell of a tropical rainstorm (Pikake), the invigorating island wind (Hanalei Breeze), something fruity (Mango) or Vanilla-kissed (Coconut), for only $18 you can imagine, even for a brief instant, that you're carrying a beach chair to the the shores of the big island with a drink in your other hand, instead of carrying a stroller up the subway stairs. $18, Buy it here.

Josh Rosebrook, Hydrating Accelerator

This miracle mist sounds too good to be true, and it might feel too light to do much, but you better believe this spray is going to make your skin feel about a hundred times more refreshed. In just a few pumps of this moisturizer-meets-toner, your face will be less red, your skin more plump, and you'll covered in vital nutrients. All that in less time than it takes to count to 10, and your sanity just might be restored, too. The scent is uplifting and subtle, the feeling of cool mist is so relaxing, and the vitamins packed into this aloe vera leaf juice based liquid will actually improve your skin tone. I know! You're welcome. $20, Buy it here.

RMS Coconut Cream

Another multi-purpose product, coconut oil is a miracle salve for everything from sunburn to acne. Use it to soothe flyaways on your hair or remove errant mascara streaks on the go. Safe for baby, safe for mama, this particular oil “is harvested fresh for [RMS Beauty] using a new and modern processing technique making it superior over store bought coconut oil. Ours is superior over the other cold pressed coconut oils on the market." For $18, that's a real steal! $18, Buy it here.

Soapwalla, THE SPRAY

This one little bottle contains a miracle product, the ultimate multi-tasker! It's a safe bug spray, an easy hand/surface sanitizer, a room deodorizer, and, some will tell you, a perfume! However you use it, the scent of eucalyptus (minty/piney), palmarosa (rosy), and litsea cubeba (lemony) essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed and calm. Good for those moments when your little one touches the subway pole, or when the mats at mama/baby yoga are not-so-fresh feeling. $16, Buy it here.

Oh, and that cute diaper bag in the picture is from TWELVElittle. Buy it here.