Love blooms.

A temporary new wardrobe

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Make a mama feel amazing in her new #mombod with a gift of LeTote, a clothing subscription box that delivers her 3 new garments and 2 accessories to wear each month. She’ll wear them for 30 days and then send back—or can fall in love with her new looks and pay to purchase them.

Many women transform several sizes in the months postpartum, so LeTote makes it easy to change sizes quickly without investing in a whole new wardrobe.

The Purple Carrot: Fresh veggie-friendly meals, delivered

The Purple Carrot is a new service that delivers all the ingredients to make fresh, nutritionally-dense vegan meals at home—but with recipes so tasty that even meat-lovers will be satisfied.

New mamas in the throes of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding will be grateful for the delivery of healthy goods.

Plus former New York Times food columnist and healthy eating advocate Mark Bittman recently joined the company—extra yum.

New mamas get pre-measured ingredients, recipes and all the food she needs to make —or to have her partner cook.

This is fresh food made simple.

A house cleaner

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The only thing better than a clean home is a clean home that mama didn’t have to clean herself.

Gift a new mama with a cleaning service like Handy and she’ll thank you forever. The site’s professionals can also do laundry, assemble Ikea furniture, or take on a host of home repair items.

When mama says, “send help,” this is your response.

Share with Motherly: What other gifts made your day as a new mama?

New moms deserve the world—but if you’re far away or just don’t know how to help, Motherly’s new mama gift guide makes it easy to give her a gift that will make her grin.

Need a gift idea for a new mom? Here are 8 delightful gifts Motherly’s mamas love:

An at-home salon service

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Know a new mama in NY, SF, LA or Miami?

Book her a service with Vensette, an on-demand service that can do her hair and makeup in the comfrot of her hosue

Used by major clients in the media and Hollywood, the glam squad will have new mamas feeling fabulous in two hours or less.

Book it for a big night on the town, or for a fun date night out with hubby.

A postpartum dress to feel glamorous in

Let’s face it, the term postpartum is hardly associated with glamour.

But we think that the work new mamas do is beautiful, and they deserve to feel lovely. An easy-access nursing dress from ASOS easily takes women from pregnancy to postpartum to breastfeeding.

Yes, please.

A bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers

The flower startup is on a mission to modernize the flower-gifting experience, sending stunning bouquets in just one U.S.-grown design each day, in three different sizes.

The company’s founder Christina Stembel told Fast Company that she started her business because she was tired of “cookie-cutter” flower deliveries—and we think a Farmgirl Flower delivery is the perfect thoughtful gift for the chic modern mama.

Order one here.

An Amazon gift card

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If you’re wondering what new moms need from Amazon, the answer is simple: everything.

From diapers to dishwasher detergent, emergency teething devices to same-day milk delivery (thank you PrimeNow), Motherly’s mamas work Amazon pretty hard to make our homes hum.

So if you’re wondering if maybe an Amazon gift card fits the bill, the answer is always: yes.

An in-home massage

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For many new mamas, getting out of the house—even for an activity they want to attend!—can be overly stressful.

Calm a new mama by gifting her with an in-home massage from Soothe, an on-demand massage service that sends a licensed and background-checked therapist to a new mother’s house. They bring their own table and linens—all mom needs to do is relax.

$99 for a one hour massage includes tip.

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