Gather the family for some serious memory-making magic with these fun ideas for Mother’s Day activities. It’s hard to tell what kind of holiday memories your kids will remember but, a day that’s chock full of quality family time, well, that’s got to be hard to forget.

It’s still your day so go through the list and pick and choose which activities you would most like to do with your loved ones. There are so many ways to spend your day or even your weekend. But to spend it with the one that made you a mother is truly special.

Here are 7 fun things to do on Mother’s Day

1. Go on a picturesque hike

Alright, your hike can easily be an short trail that’s close to home. Depending on how big or little your kids are you might not opt for a long or challenging hike. A quick Google search will show you what trails or hikes are local to you. If you can find something by a river, a lake or maybe a waterfall then there are some pretty sights in store.

2. Themed family portraits

Ask everyone for their best ideas then write them all on scraps of paper and choose one randomly. You might end up taking formal dress pictures or possibly something zany and fun that everyone will remember for years to come. Either way, it’ll be a blast!

3. Watch home movies

One of the most low-key Mother’s Day activities is to meet in the living room for a marathon of home movies. You might watch your wedding video, and hilariously listen to the kiddos ask why they weren’t there, or watch videos of your children when they were babies. With everyone’s favorite snacks on hand, it’ll be a cozy day.

4. Play board games

You know that cupboard that’s filled with family board games? Well, grab them all and get set up for a little bit of board game fun. Since the weather is warming up, take your games outside and feel the fresh air. If your family is competitive you can up the stakes by granting the winner the gift of choosing your family’s next vacation destination. All-inclusive resort, anyone?

5. Gardening

Kids love dirt, right? Get them involved with planting seeds that will sprout into a beautiful garden. You might choose flowers based on your children’s birth flowers or plant the seeds for an herb garden.

6. Spend the day on the water

Even if your kids aren’t old enough to ride water bikes, you can always rent a tandem kayak for some fun in the sun. A boat ride, surfing lessons or even paddle boarding are all options you can look into too. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and share a meal by the water.

7. Karaoke

The list of fun things to do on Mother’s Day wouldn’t complete without a good bout of karaoke. Exercise your vocal cords and belt out all of your favorites. Whether you book a karaoke restaurant or set up a home-friendly version, it’s bound to be a whole lot of fun.

A version of this post was published April 14, 2023. It has been updated.