One childhood memory that sticks with me is looking at my grandmother's hands while she pointed to her rings telling me their stories. Two of them were given to her by my grandfather when she had their two children. I thought, “Wow, you get PRESENTS for having babies!?!?" After giving birth to my son and learning about my friends' own birth experiences, I know: “Hell yes, you get presents for having babies!" No doubt baby is reward enough, and, as with all gifts, a push present is discretionary. But when a partner witnesses the person they love carry a growing baby for 9 months and deliver it (by any method), bestowing a token of appreciation might cross their mind, to say the least. As you wait for baby, you probably are already spending a lot of money on -- and cluttering your home with -- all sorts of new stuff. So an expensive or huge gift may not be an option. But that's okay. As long as it comes from the heart, the push present will be perfect to symbolize this milestone in your relationship and commemorate baby's birth. If your partner doesn't yet know how to thank you for bringing baby into this world, drop these perfect picks into his or her inbox, stats. Here are 9 perfect push-present ideas for every budget. 1. Mo Silver Family Pendant. The initial charm have trended for a while and are only getting better as artisans are evolving them into tiny works of art. MoSilver is unique, hand crafted and made with love, which makes it particularly perfect for this occasion. $15 to $45, buy here. 2. Personalized painting by Ellen Macomber. Art anyone? Ellen Macomber, a print artist and painter in New Orleans, can be commissioned to paint one of her whimsical home paintings. Yours could be the home you bring baby to. Or you could opt for a triptych depicting hometowns of mom, dad and baby. Depending on complexity these can take a couple of weeks or more, so plan accordingly. Starting at $100, buy here. 3. Anya Hindmarch Ultimate box. This is a bespoke box for jewelry and keepsakes and is called the Ultimate Box for good reason. It can be personalized with pictures and embossed with messages in your own handwriting or hand drawn pictures. It is for the extremely sentimental and meant to last many lifetimes. It also takes 3 months to make. Price upon request, buy here. 4. Timeless handbag. A great classic handbag is something most women cherish. It's so obvious, it almost does not need to be mentioned in this list. Opt for a special occasion bag since after baby, dressing up will certainly be a special occasion and reaching for this bag going out the door will be a sweet reminder of how and who we spend our time with. Fashion cult classics like the Chanel 2.55 or a bespoke bag from Anthony Luciano are great places to start. Chanel 2.55: $5,500, buy here, or on the RealReal for $2,250. Anthony Luciano: starting at $750, buy here. 5. Family Photo session.

Photo by David Dupuy Photography

A newborn family photo session is a great way to stop time because as everyone tells you, “It flies." You could opt to do one at home to capture those everyday moments and memories of your wonderfully upside down world, or a studio shoot for drool worthy shots to put on your desk at the office. 6. Phone Upgrade. The number of photos and videos new parents take is out of control. So a better camera and more storage are now necessities. If a phone upgrade is almost due, now is the time to take advantage. To make it really special, upgrade the the capacity to 128 or 256 GB and spare her the dreaded “Not Enough Storage Available" message. Prices vary, get more information here. 7. Personalized Baby Duck Necklace. This is a really sweet gift for a second, third...fourth and so on, birth. The number of ducklings is customizable. In case there is a surprise down the road and you need to add a duckling, you might be able to work something out with Ivy since Etsy artists have great customer service. Starting at $34.89, buy here. 8. A Beautiful Mama ring, A Little Bundle. Partnering with Upper Metal Class, A Little Bundle creates a piece of jewelry that celebrate you, mamas. It will be the perfect bling to add to your collection. The ring comes bronze, sterling silver, 14K gold or rose gold. $60, buy here. 9. Spiritual Gift. If you want to take a less materialistic route, there are spiritual practices to invoke these momentous times in our lives. Lighting a candle at a church indicates one's intention of a prayer for another. Havans are built for offerings and wishes to be sent by fire messenger to Hindu deities. You could also start a unique ritual within your family for the births of your babies and your babies' mama.