So baby has arrived. Finally! Your body changed throughout your pregnancy and your life changed when your little one finally made her appearance. Now comes the next step: mothering. What seemed like a faraway thought is here. Baby is here and, well, here goes!

Whether you took time off from work before baby or stayed at the office until the bitter end, you made the decision to stay home with your little one. Whether you made this decision for financial reasons or always knew you would stay home once you had kids, here you are.

From one at-home mama to another, welcome.

It won't always be easy – the best things never are.

You'll rethink, maybe even regret your decision every so often, but there's always that little smile that'll snap you back.

There will be days you'll be brought to tears with happiness, so grateful for the opportunity to stay home. So lucky that you get to witness first-hand the first smile, the first roll, the first step.

Being an at-home mama will try your patience, push you to new limits, and become the greatest joy of your life.

Your working friends without kids won't get it. Why you desperately want to get out of the house without the baby, but then are equally desperate to get back home.

Lucky for you, you have a huge community of at-home mamas who are in the same boat.

Local mom groups, library programs, and even right here on Motherly—we know what you're going through. We've been there. We're dedicated to helping you make the most of your time at home and lifting you up when you're feeling down.

We're here for each other, we stick together, and it's a beautiful thing.

Welcome to the village, mama.