Name: Annie Venier Neighborhood: South Street Seaport Occupation: Owner of Le Petit Studio NYC and Pilates GURU Baby’s Sex: It's a girl!!! How would you describe your pregnant style? Not at all maternity … slim fitting and close to the body lots of black. All Saints, Wolford and Enzo Costa are the three brands that worked best for me, and just biker-style boots. Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during this pregnancy? I’ve never been pregnant, so everything I thought would look good didn’t. I realize you don’t need things wider you need them LONGER! I am still enjoying wearing my same leather pants and leggings -- I just roll them down and wear a long top and fitted sweater. For pilates workouts, I have found a sports bra and leggings most comfortable. Baring the bump feels more natural than battling to keep a tank top in place (plus, then I am more likely activate my TVA - deep abdominals muscles - and lift my backbones for a stronger more supported posture!) So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy? How much you feel your body changing even just 8 weeks in! As a pilates teacher, I have found it absolutely fascinating and the greatest learning experience. (I am also certified in pre- and postnatal pilates and have taught at least 60 pre- and postnatal clients.) I am also surprised by how sweet pregnancy is! The baby is so calming, despite the fact that I’m still out and about, waking up at 5:30 am most days to teach and working out (prenatal Pilates and swimming) 5-6 days a week. I haven’t missed a day of work! I’ve been tired sometimes, but never unwell enough to cancel work or a social engagement. And I can still do late nights (I never was one to need alcohol to stay out late or have a great time!) The other thing that has surprised me is how much love and excitement a baby generates! Everyone including the guys at the pool, the doorman and everyone in my cafe are thrilled and always asking for updates. It's sweet. What are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby? Oh wow, that's endless. But most of all nature. I can’t wait to take her outside and put her toes in the grass, have her feel the sun and warm spring air on her skin. Music too! I'm looking forward to sharing the simple pleasures... introducing her around the neighborhood to all her soon to be buddies at our local cafe. Eventually travels and languages and more complex things but for now just the beautiful joy of seeing her discover the world! What’s your top 5 registry essentials? I already sorted out the crib, stroller and car seat so I would say …. 1. Changing table - as two of my favorite moms have suggested that this will save me from breaking my back! I am in love with the Leander Linea table and the Charlie Crane Noga wall unit…. my apartment is small and very airy, and these are simple pieces that don't look too “nursery.” 2. Cocoonababy from Paris. A girlfriend actually gave me this - the baby feels like they are in the womb. 3. A feather dream catcher mobile - so beautiful. 4. ToteSavvy. The little insert that turn an awesome tote into a diaper bag, because well … I don’t want to carry a diaper bag. You can put it in a Goyard or vintage Louis Vuitton tote and, voila! 5. A baby carrier like the Ergobaby 360. I like the idea of keeping her close and running out without a stroller. I live very close to the river, and this way we can pop out for a coffee and a walk! Annie is wearing: Wolford wool dress Wolford tights Charles Kammer boots from Paris (similar style) Comptoir de Cotonnier leather jacket Photography by Ana Gambuto.