Ashley Graham and Shay Mitchell are dancing to a new remix of Baby Shark on Graham's TikTok account, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am totally here for it. In the video, the celebrity mamas and friends are hanging out in the backyard of Mitchell's home with her daughter, Atlas (Graham's son Isaac is presumably nearby and out of frame). When Baby Shark's familiar tune comes on, this time with a whole new beat, Graham and Mitchell start breaking it down.

Maybe Graham's video caught me at the right moment, or perhaps I'm just happy that friends are finally able to hang out again and be goofy together, but give me more of all of this. While Baby Shark will always be that song that irritatingly gets stuck in my head, I have to admit when it comes to this version, I'm ready to dance and be silly again.

See below as Ashley Graham and Shay Mitchell let loose to this techno-pop version of 'Baby Shark'. If you thought the tune was catchy before, just wait. And then dance it out!

I'm always curious to hear what new hit songs will make "song of summer" playlists. Mamas, I'm kind of thinking this one might be for us.


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