Babywearing can be a lifesaver in the early days of caring for a newborn. But winter weather can seemingly throw a wrench in your babywearing plans. Believe it or not, babywearing can still be the quickest and easiest way to take baby around once the temperatures drop.

Read on for 5 tips for babywearing once those cool fall days turn to colder winter ones.

1. Choose the right material. A baby carrier made from a thick, warm, and irresistibly soft material such as the Theory Collection from Sakura Bloom is a great choice for winter babies. And the Theory Collection comes in three styles: ring sling, Onbohimo and Scout (from $160 to $220).

2. Find the right accessories. After you’ve chosen the right carrier, accessorize properly with a cover for your carrier. These help to keep both you and baby toasty while out and about on a cold day. We love the 7AM Pookie Poncho ($110) or B&me Booker Vest ($105). 7AM is also coming out with the new K-Poncho, $68, which you can pre-order now.

3. Buy a coat made for baby wearing. If you’re pregnant in the winter, you may consider buying a maternity coat to keep your growing belly warm. What’s great about a 3-in-1 Coat, like this one from Modern Eternity ($139.98), is that you can then use it for babywearing once your little one arrives. If buying a whole new maternity coat is not your style, you can opt for a Coat Extender, like this one from Bridge the Bump ($70), to make extra room for baby wearing in your existing coat.

4. Don't forget to layer. Choose some cozy bunting for baby, wrap up under a big coat together and out the door you go! Zutano Cozy Elf Romper ($29.95-$49.99) and Patagonia Infant Puff-Ball Bunting ($99) are all great options for bundling baby up before heading out. Merino Wool is a great layering fabric that regulate body temperature.

5. Accessorize baby's outfit too! super cute animal hatsAside from a nice puffy coat, don't forget to put a hat on baby's head. Oeuf makes some , with matching mittens and footies. Just make sure you can still see baby's face and that his or her chin is up, off the chest for clear breathing.