Tattoos are no longer taboo—it's estimated that 46% of people living in the United States have one. I would bet that a significant amount of the other 54% have said at least once, "I mean I'd love a tattoo; I just don't know what to get."

Tattoos have been around for a very long time—mummified remains dating back to 3700 B.C. indicate that getting inked is certainly not a new concept. With gaining popularity and less stigma, more and more people find themselves considering their first (or tenth, ahem) tattoo.

But making the leap can be tricky. Most people want tattoos that really mean something, and making the decision can feel daunting. Enter motherhood, one of the most meaningful experiences we can imagine!

If you are finding that becoming a mama has you feeling particularly inspired to get inked, here are ideas to help you turn those daydreams into real live body art.

1. Simple line drawing

Sometime the more simple art is, the more powerful it becomes. Consider a line drawing that represents your bond with your child.

2. An animal with a story

Do you have an animal-based pet name for your baby? Chances are good that it would also make an adorable tattoo! Plus, your little bumblebee will be thrilled to see their representation on you!

3. Get geographical

Taking some inspiration from Angelina Jolie, a latitude-longitude reminder of where your baby was born marks the place your life changed forever.

4. Your favorite book

That book that you and your little read every night despite having memorized each word would make for some truly unique and adorable ink-inpso.

5. Mandala motivation

Mandala tattoos are popular, and for good reason—the possibilities are endless. We love this motherhood themed mandala, which could be customized to reflect you and your child.

6. Famous artwork

Calling all art history lovers! Do you have a painting that you've always adored? Could that be adapted fit on your body?

7. Fave photo

Did someone capture of a photo of you and your baby in a truly authentic, loving moment? Consider bringing it to a tattoo artist who can use their talents to turn it into an artistic and totally unique drawing.

8. A tribute

If miscarriage or loss has been part of your motherhood journey, a tattoo that serves as a memorial might be a beautiful way to honor your experience.

9. Get natural

The love between a mama and her baby is a pretty universal thing that goes beyond just us humans. You might choose an animal that you connect with, and show her snuggling with her wee-one to represent your and your child.

10. Abstract

When words are hard to find, abstract images that depict pregnancy, nursing, and the hundreds of other mama-things you do may help you get your thoughts into ink.

11. Footprint

Tattoos of baby footprints may be popular, but it's not hard to see why. Bring your kiddo's birth certificate to your artist and they can create a one-of-a-kind piece to represent the babe that has made their mark on you.

12. Get science-y

This inked midwife is totally geeking out over this oxytocin molecule tattoo. Oxytocin is the hormone that makes us have contractions, let down breastmilk, and most importantly, fall in love. It's coursing through our bodies; only makes sense to pay tribute to it on our bodies.

13. Flower power

Each month has its own symbolic flower associated with it, so why not choose your child's birth month flower for your permanent body art? Flowers never go out of style and you can add to your bouquet if you decide to keep growing your family.

14. Let your child design it

We all have those favorite art pieces that fill us with joy every time we see them.

15. Represent your growth

Motherhood changes us forever—we never fully "arrive." A tattoo that represents your evolution into and through motherhood may be your reminder of where you been, as well as the nudge to stay open to all that's to come moving forward.

16. Roar

Mothers are the strongest beings on earth. I love this powerful reminder of strength, protections and beauty. I am mama, hear me roar!

17. Get celestial

A tattoo with your child's zodiac sign is a subtle way to mark the moment that the stars aligned, and your sweet babe came into the world to change your life forever (a la Jessica Alba!).

18. Meaningful words

Tattoos can be a powerful way to remind yourself of the values that matter most to you. Find an artist that specializes in calligraphy, and get your mantra permanently etched where you can see it, every day.

19. Symbolic

The sky is the limit when it comes to tattoos. Even if you don't have a concrete idea yet, think about images or ideas that symbolize what being a mother means to you. If you're artistic, play with how they could work together. If not, don't be afraid to share some ideas a tattoo artist and let them work their magic.

20. Pure. Simple. Mama.

You are, and will always be, mama. So rock your mama-hood with pride.

From experience, I will tell you that a good artist will be very happy to work with you to create the perfect piece for you. Do your research (Instagram is great), ask for references, and don't hesitate to schedule a consultation, even if you don't know what you want yet. And then once you get that ink, own it—and get ready for your next one when the bug hits again (just wait, you'll see 😉).

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