It doesn't matter how old you are, what you do, or if you're a parent who is responsible for validating your own kids—grown-ups still need validation, too. And that's exactly what Steve from the OG Blue's Clues is here to give us all, via a heartfelt message for all the little kids who watched him in the late '90s, who are now adults with mortgages and student loans.

If you didn't have 'Steve From 'Blue's Clues' Will Make Me Cry' on your 2021 Bingo card, now is the time to add it in. He delivered his message in honor of the 25th anniversary of the show. (I'll be here waiting with a box of tissues.)

In the now-viral video posted to Nick Jr.'s social media accounts, Steve explained that he abruptly left the show in 2002 because he decided to go to college. (And yes, he's wearing his iconic green rugby shirt all these years later.) "You remember how when we were younger, we used to run around and hang out with Blue and find clues and talk to Mr. Salt and freak out about the mail and do all the fun stuff?" he said. "And then one day, I was like, 'Oh hey, guess what? Big news, I'm leaving. Here's my brother Joe, he's your new best friend,' and then I got on a bus and I left and we didn't see each other for like a really long time? Can we just talk about that? Because I realize that was kind of abrupt."
"If you grew up watching Steve from Blue’s Clues, this message is for you #BluesClues25," the caption to the video reads. "I just kinda got up and went to college," Steve continues. "And that was really challenging by the way, but great because I got to use my mind and take a step at a time and now I literally am doing many of the things that I wanted to do." He then began addressing us, the millennial viewers who watched him when we were kids, and he makes us feel more than just sweet nostalgia—he makes us feel seen. "And then look at you, and look at all you have done, and all you have accomplished in all that time. And it's just, it's just so amazing, right?" Burns said. "I mean, we started out with clues, and now, it's what? Student loans, and jobs and families? And some of it has been kind of hard, you know? I know you know." Burns continues to earnestly talk to us, giving us the validation we all need and deserve, by thanking us for helping him through his life. "I wanted to tell you that I really couldn't have done all of that without your help. And in fact, all the help that you helped me with when we were younger is still helping me today, right now. And that's super cool," Burns said. "I guess I just wanted to say that after all these years, I never forgot you. Ever. And I'm super glad we're still friends." Excuse me while I sob shamelessly into the sleeve of my sweatshirt, because that was the most unexpected surprise I didn't know I needed so badly—and I'm sure many out there agree, which is why the clip has been shared like crazy all over social media. Lovely moments like that are so delightful when so much of the media we consume feels like it's full of the depressing status of the world. "You look great by the way," he ends the clip with a little joke. "Whatever it is you're doing, is working."