There's nothing like a kid to keep you humble. Carrie Underwood may be a stunningly gorgeous and insanely talented world-famous singer, but to her 4-year-old son Isaiah, she's just Mom—a mom who's apparently getting up there in years and spends a lot of time in the laundry room.

The country star shared a snapshot of a school assignment on her Instagram in which her son inadvertently roasted her. The "All About My Mom" questionnaire included some absolutely hilarious tidbits, like a way too high guess at Underwood's age: 70? Try 36!

Perhaps even funnier was the guess Isaiah took for what Underwood does for a living. He could have gone with singer, model, even soon-to-be-published author, but no: Isaiah says mom's job is to "wash the laundry."

And what is she really good at? Again, it's all about "folding the laundry." No mention of singing. At least he appreciates her housework. Luckily, Underwood had a good laugh about the off-the-mark guesses.

Little Isaiah did include some adorably on-point answers that would warm any mama's heart, though. When asked to fill in something his mom always says, he sweetly answered: "I love you." That earns an A+ in my book.