We love Chrissy Teigen for so many reasons, the least of which is her brutal honesty when it comes to parenting.

The Cravings cookbook author recently shared a hilarious outtake from her family holiday photo shoot and any mom who's ever tried to organize family photos will relate.

Teigen shared an image of 2-year-old son Miles on social media with the caption, "Family shoot went…right as I thought it would, actually."

In the picture, Miles is crawling on all fours out of Teigen's lap while making a pained face. He is clearly not into sitting still for a professional photo.

Chrissy's husband, John Legend, and their daughter, Luna, aren't in the cropped picture. We imagine they were probably laughing at Miles's antics.

Minutes later, Teigen shared another picture of their son, this time much calmer.

"Then this happened!!! On my PHONE of course," she wrote. In the new photo, Miles is striking a pose, casually leaning against a sofa while still dressed in his dapper holiday outfit.

It turns out getting family portraits taken is stressful for everyone, even celebrities.

If you've ever spent weeks shopping for coordinating outfits for your family, researching photographers and locations, and spent your allotted photoshoot time begging your child to please smile for just one picture… you probably laughed out loud at Teigen's tweets.

Thanks for the laugh, Chrissy! Here's hoping Miles cooperated for at least one shot.