It is day 7,645 of the pandemic, and parents are working overtime to keep their kids entertained while quarantined at home.

Luckily for us, this means an influx of heart-warming, creative and often hilarious parenting moments. Chris Kyle is a father and entrepreneur; he is the owner of Garra Spas Ann Arbor, Hashtag Props and Photobooth313—so, he understands the importance of patronizing local businesses.

Kyle has recently taken the internet by storm with his honest review of a (very) local, new establishment.

In his Instagram post, he wrote, “So I tried to support another Black Owned Business for lunch today. It’s called Ava’s Kitchen, just opened end of April. It’s a very clean establishment, but whewww let me tell you about this owner.”

The restaurant is named for its owner, Ava—Ava is Kyle’s toddler daughter. And the post is amazing.

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He shares, “First off, I asked why there are balloons on my chair, and it’s not my birthday? She talm’bout, mind yah business; those are Mommy’s.”

As any seasoned parent knows, touching balloons that do not belong to you is forbidden, so though disappointed, Kyle agreed to leave the balloons alone.

He continues to describe the service he received at Ava’s Kitchen.

“I been waiting on my order to get done for 45 minutes, and I’m the only customer here. She was making good progress at first, then she stopped for 20 minutes to go watch Paw Patrol.

Despite the mediocre (but adorable) experience, Kyle is willing to give the restaurant another chance. “Overall the customer service could be better, but the cook is a cutie; so I’ll give her another chance. Let’s not give up on Black businesses so fast after one mistake. “

In a follow-up post, Kyle shared that the play kitchen was his wife’s idea and that his daughter has been absolutely in love with it from day one. Kyle told Bored Panda that his daughter’s “personality is absolutely amazing. She is such a silly girl. From the moment she wakes up, she’s laughing, smiling and playing the entire day.”

He is grateful that he is able to spend so much quality time with her. “As a full-time entrepreneur, I work from home which allows me to be hands-on with my baby girl daily.”

Just like many families with small children, the pandemic has been hard for Kyle and his family. He shared that “parents who tested positive for toddlers” are underrecognized and struggling—we couldn’t agree more.

Still, Kyle remains positive and hopeful and is a true beacon of hope and joy during this challenging time. He told Bored Panda that “during these tough times, I’m glad to see our post shine bright in the lives of people around the world.”

One more important note about Ava’s Kitchen: As the world moves toward re-opening, many may be tempted to visit the hottest new restaurant around. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation, though. Kyle reports that after his viral post, “She got a line down the block y’all! “