Nearly three weeks after the premature birth of her son, Danielle Fishel delivered the good news to her followers that baby Adler Karp is doing better. The little guy was born four weeks early with excess fluid in his lungs, and it's clear that his parents have been through a trying time since then.

"We're still in the hospital but Adler is getting better and stronger every day," the Girl Meets World actress wrote on Instagram Friday. "@jensenkarp and I keep reminding ourselves that we are extremely lucky — Adler *will* eventually come home with us — and therefore this is nothing but an enormous test of our patience and willingness to relinquish control. Two things I have never been plentiful in but are absolutely necessary in parenthood!"

Just before Adler was born on June 24, an ultrasound revealed the issue with his lungs. Fishel said the doctors didn't know what had caused this condition at the time. Despite the fear and worry they must have been experiencing, both Fishel and husband Jensen Karp have repeatedly thanked their medical providers for their skill and care.

"He is also receiving the best possible care from the most loving, warm, kind, intelligent nurses and doctors the world has ever known! Literal angels," Fishel said of them. She also thanked her fans for providing messages of support and prayers for Adler's health, adding, "They have comforted us and been such an inspiration when we've felt down."

Ending on a lighter note, Fishel referred to the adorable outfit Adler is wearing in her pic: "Now, I must get back to dressing our baby in all my favorite restaurant onesies," she wrote.

The "I [Heart] Pasta" shirt is from Olive Garden — Fishel even tagged the restaurant in her post. Back in April, the restaurant chain commissioned sneaker artist Mache to customize matching Olive Garden shoes for Fishel, Karp, and baby Adler.

We look forward to pics of him a year from now enjoying his first messy spaghetti meal!

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