I hate to sound like a complainer, but you guys—pregnancy is so tiring.

The first trimester is draining, the second trimester is a little less draining and then the third trimester is yes—you guessed it—draining again.

And if this is your second or third child, it’s even more exhausting as you chase around fast, busy little humans all day. And if you have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, being sick throughout your pregnancy leaves you totally and utterly zonked. And what about working throughout your pregnancy? Yep, those afternoon slumps are definitely more hardcore.

(Coffee, please. ☕)

And let’s not even touch the ‘fourth trimester’ right now, because newborn-parent-tiredness is so intense, it’s crazy.

So, you get it—pregnancy is super tiring.

But it’s also wonderful and miraculous and exciting and all the good things.

...but definitely, definitely tiring. The hormones, the roller coaster of emotions, the morning sickness, the growing and changing body, the extra weight to carry—these all contribute to your very legitimate feelings of lethargy.

So I am hear to tell you, loud and clear


Please. Take the nap. Whenever time allows or whenever someone offers—run to your bed (or the nearest comfortable, quiet destination), jump in, put a sound machine on and don’t ask any questions—just drift off to la-la-land while listening to the crashing waves.

Forget the laundry, forget the nesting that needs to happen, forget the calls or texts that you need to return. Forget all of it and remember the importance of sleep. Sleep is beautiful. Sleep is good. Nap it up, girl!

If you commute to work any other way aside from driving or biking or operating a moving vehicle yourself...take the nap while someone else transports you.

If you can’t keep your eyes open while putting your toddler to bed...take the nap while you lay with them for a bit. (Then wake up, move to your bed, and officially go to sleep for the night. It's like you're pregaming for bed. ?)

If you have in-laws or parents or siblings who live nearby or are visiting...take the nap while they play with your kiddo. Bribe them, shower them with compliments, promise to pay them back somehow—whatever you need to do, just get that nap in.

If you don’t have family nearby...take the nap after you beg a friend to watch your child for an hour. Or hire a sitter if you can. That is money well spent, sister.

If you’re basically falling asleep at your desk...take the nap in your car on your lunch break. Set an alarm on your phone before you doze off and then nod off worry-free. (Pillow in your car = genius pregnant woman sleeping hack. ?)

If your child still naps...take the nap when they take the nap. This is not the same annoying “sleep when the baby sleeps” demand people often throw around. This is the...seriously—if your toddler is sleeping and you are tired (always), then choose sleep. Don’t ask any questions. Don’t think too much about it. Just do it.

If you feel guilty about taking a nap because you have a long to-do list and “should be getting things done” repeat this to yourself immediately— “Ain’t nobody got time for that nap-shaming-guilt!” Then, toss the guilt and grab that nap.

Guilt has no place in a pregnant mama’s nap-taking game.

Because you deserve that nap, mama.

You’re working hard. Your body is going through a lot—physically and emotionally. You don’t need the guilt—so kiss it goodbye. ?

Feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus is not a good feeling.

So instead of any guilt, just allow yourself to feel good about the nap you’re about to take.

Let yourself accept the fact that you need the extra rest and dang it! You are going to take it. Because, let’s face it—you are a pregnant, amazing, mama goddess who has needs. And those needs = sleep. And lots of it.

(Sweet dreams, mama! ?)