Too often, new mothers feel pressure to ‘bounce back’ from their pregnant bodies. If you recognize yourself in that statement, we want you to know that you’re not alone. And mama? There’s nothing to ‘bounce back’ from.

Your body might look different after giving birth—but that’s because it is different. You brought a baby into this world! You made magic happen.

One mama gets it. Shelby Scott shared a photograph of her postpartum body—and it’s going viral for the best reasons. Scott says that just after giving birth, she was scared to view her postpartum body. Nearly two years later, though, she’s ready to celebrate it.

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“This is me 24 hours postpartum,” Scott wrote on Instagram.

“The first 24 hours after having a baby is a whirlwind.
Between the frequent check up’s from nurses, little to no sleep, excitement, discomfort, the entire day is overwhelming.
And during all of this you’ll also have your first visit to the bathroom. That’s when you’ll catch a glimpse of your postpartum body for the first time.
I distinctly remember after my first child avoiding my reflection. I’d go as far to pee with the lights off. I was fearful of what I might see. I was even more afraid of how it would make me feel.
But this time, nearly two years after having my first child instead of running from my body I decided to capture it.
There’s something so liberating about feeling neutral towards my body.
This picture isn’t about feeling amazing in my body. It’s a moment where I honored what my body DID for me vs. how it LOOKED for me.
I saw a body that carried me through 9 months of pregnancy, 28 hours of labor, and the safe delivery of my baby girl.
I can’t honor this day or moment without honoring the body that got me there.”