It's hard to believe but for the first time ever, the latest issue of Cosmopolitan features a pregnant woman on the cover.

Emma Roberts broke that barrier for the new December/January issue, where she also opened up about being pregnant during the pandemic, freezing her eggs, and her path to parenthood.

Roberts, 29, is expecting a baby boy with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.

She revealed that she wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to get pregnant after struggling with endometriosis growing up.

"I always had debilitating cramps and periods, so bad that I would miss school and, later, have to cancel meetings," she explained. "I mentioned this to my doctor, who didn't look into it and sent me on my way because maybe I was being dramatic? In my late 20s, I just had a feeling I needed to switch to a female doctor. It was the best decision. She ran tests, sent me to a specialist. Finally, there was validation that I wasn't being dramatic. But by then, it had affected my fertility. I was told, 'You should probably freeze your eggs or look into other options'."

The American Horror Story star said that when she learned about her fertility, she felt "stunned."

"It felt so permanent, and oddly, I felt like I had done something wrong. But I started opening up to other women, and all of a sudden, there was a new world of conversation about endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages, fear of having kids. I was so grateful to find out I was not alone in this. I hadn't done anything "wrong" after all."

We love how Emma used her high-profile interview in Cosmo to discuss the very real, and often overlooked, fertility struggles that women around the world face.

"It sounds cheesy, but the moment that I stopped thinking about it, we got pregnant. But even then, I didn't want to get my hopes up. Things can go wrong when you're pregnant." She kept the news of her pregnancy under wraps before announcing it on social media this summer.

"This pregnancy made me realize that the only plan you can have is that there is no plan," she added.

Roberts is ready to take on all the highs and lows of motherhood. "Sometimes I think about seeing him in the morning and how I want to say good morning to him and how I want to put him to bed at night, all those things that end up creating your sense of safety. Sometimes it's scary, though, because I'm responsible for this child's world and memories, and I want to make it all wonderful."

Anyone who has ever been pregnant will relate to how she describes the toll pregnancy is taking on her body.

"Long story short: I am hungry and tired. Food and sleep do not abide by the normal laws when you're pregnant," she joked. "But I'm healthy, which is the thing I'm most grateful for. To see my body change inside and out so drastically has been a wild experience. Surprising and beautiful. Then again, some days I feel like I'm being hijacked by something."

The full interview, where Roberts also describes dealing with paparazzi, her latest projects, and how she deals with living her life so publicly, is available on Cosmo's website and in the magazine's December/January issue.