As a mama of a toddler currently on maternity leave, I really don't have much (ahem, any) time to myself. I am a food source to a growing infant, a changer of diapers, a finder of lost toddler toys, a snack provider, baby soother and a boo boo kisser.

I spend my days covered in breast milk and spit-up. I likely did not put on any makeup today, or brush my hair (dry shampoo, I adore you.)

I attempt to do laundry and prep dinner with a baby strapped to me in a super cute sling. Then my 5 p.m. tornado hits.

Time for quality time with my older son. Getting dinner on the table. Bedtime routines. All while continuing to breastfeed my infant every two hours.

This is where you come in, sweet shower of mine.

You’re the provider of much more than soap and water. You are my safe space. My “thing.” I go to you when I need a break, when I need some silence, when I just need to be alone. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mother to two, it’s that every mother needs (and deserves) their “thing,” their safe space.

You give me the only 20 minutes of self care I get a day.You drown out the world outside. I can't hear crying, whining or requests for one more book. It is just the two of us, for these few brief moments. But even in those brief moments, you give me so much.

So, I want to thank you.

Thank you for being my source of relaxation.

As I listen to the water trickle, I close my eyes and am worry-free for the moment. I know my husband is with both boys and I can really enjoy this time. I am transported to a meditative state. I let the hot water hit my back and shoulders in hopes of easing my aching muscles from a day of never-ending breastfeeding and baby wearing.

Thank you for being my therapist.

You allow me to just cry without judgement. And sometimes that's all I need. Shedding a few tears helps me rid myself of the stress and regrets from the day. And wash it down the drain along with the copious amounts of dry shampoo that have saved me from washing my hair for five (or maybe it's six ??‍♀️) days.

Thank you for helping me with self-reflection.

Was I a good enough mother today? Did I have enough patience? Is the baby getting enough to eat? Did I let my son watch too much TV? I need time to sort out my thoughts. Decide how I can do better tomorrow. And move on. Without all of the outside noise. I need to have a clear head to tackle the sleepless night ahead.

Thank you for the gift of self care.

My shower time often allows for an extra minute for a deep conditioning treatment or body scrub. This helps me go the distance that’s required in motherhood. I can say that I did something for myself today. I can look at my hair (that I now have to blow dry...immediately regretting the decision to actually wash it) and feel good about how I look. Even if it's only me or my husband who see it

Thank you for helping me be a better mother.

You help me restore my sanity. Allow me to take a much needed mental and physical pause. To emerge not only cleaner—but also clearer and lighter, without the regrets and burdens from the day. I am a new woman, hear me roar!

You have given me the time to remind myself why I’m doing all of this. Why every tantrum and every late-night nursing feed is worth it. You allow me the time to remind myself why I love this wild and wonderful life. I’m forever grateful my time with you during this rollercoaster season of motherhood. Thank you for being my safe space when I need it most.

I am renewed. I am restored. I am ready to take on a new day. So, bring it on. ?