Fall is here, and it makes me so happy! Choosing Owen’s outfits for fall — whether it’s for cosy days at home or days spent on the move — may quite possibly be my favorite thing. What is it about little baby clothes that makes shopping way more fun than shopping for myself? This time of year, I tend to lean more towards neutrals and especially love pops of red and golden hues this fall. I find sticking to neutrals helps give these pieces longevity through the seasons, which is crucial when our little ones are growing out of their clothes so quickly. To help you select your little one’s fall essentials, I decided to roundup my personal favorites — for both boys and girls.

I’m the mother of a boy, so I only have to choose baby boy outfits. But I had so much fun picking baby girl looks, and I’m pretty sure my heart would explode if I saw both girl and boys ensembles side by side. Here are 4 fall baby fashion looks that will keep your little ones warm all season long.

Cozy at Home

image 3062 Motherly

Baby Girl

  1. H&M, Grey Sweater: $29.99, buy here.
  2. Old Navy, Knit Booties: $14.95, buy here.
  3. Misha & Puff, Apricot Leggings: $68, buy here.
  4. 12|12, Long-Sleeve Onesie: #38, buy here.

image 3063 Motherly

Baby Boy

  1. Mini Rodini, Sweatshirt: $53, buy here.
  2. Mini Rodini, Pants: $53, buy here.
  3. Olen Organic, Bibs Better Bundle: $24, buy here.
  4. Robeez, Classic Baby Boots: $38, buy here.

Out & About

image 3064 Motherly

Baby Girl

  1. Briar Handmade, Noble Carriage Ivory Linen Bonnet: #32, buy here.
  2. Rylee & Cru, Startlight Sweatshirt: $55, buy here.
  3. June & January, Red Tights: $13.50, buy here.
  4. Old Navy, Black Jumper: $19.94, buy here. https://rstyle.me/~95p5S
  5. Levi’s, Denim Jacket: $44, buy here.
  6. EMU Australia Baby Booties Metallic: $39.95, buy here.image 3065 Motherly

Baby Boy

  1. Carhartt, Foldover Knit Hat in Brown: $7.99, buy here.
  2. Arq, Denim Painter’s Work Shirt: $37.50, buy here.
  3. Gray Label, Noble Carriage Golden Pants: $47, buy here.
  4. Cat & Jack, Target Plaid Jacket: $29.99, buy here.
  5. Freshly Picked, Black Moccasins: $49, buy here.