It's no secret that experience gifts are a family favorite to gift for the holidays. Maybe you're seeking a more minimalist lifestyle, or your littles don't have enough space for yet another toy in the playroom. While experience gifts can sometimes be costly, they don't have to be.

We asked #TeamMotherly what their favorite free or affordable gifts are to give—here's what they had to say:

  1. "A night off to a couple."—Joanna F.
  2. "For kids, a personalized scavenger hunt. They are not super picky about how great the clues are, it gets them outside and reading, and there may be one gift hidden (the 'prize' at the end) but the whole hunt is a treat for them."—Viki L.
  3. "Not always inexpensive, but instead of gifts, we take a family vacation during the holidays."—Mandy S. [Editor's note: You could do a staycation to make it more affordable!]
  4. "Handmade greeting cards and post cards"—Patricia R.
  5. "Movie tickets! Get an all-inclusive ticket from Costco that includes your movie and treats—perfect!"—Emily H.
  6. "I love receiving my mom's handmade slippers."—Vany L.
  7. "Groupon has lots of options!"—Tram L.
  8. "Going ice skating, complete with hot chocolate and their favorite treat"—Diana S.
  1. "I always do pajamas! Or make DIY kid artwork. Last year we made ornaments for the family."—Zelda M.
  2. "Gift certificate (rather than full membership) to paint your own pottery, zoo membership, or science museum."—Katerina P.
  3. "For adults, I'm giving several tickets to concerts this year."—Ashley N.
  4. "Gift card to local play or gymnastics place."—Alexandra M.
  5. "I'm asking for swim lessons from our local Y."—Meredith S.
  6. "Babysitting services!"—Mellen R.
  7. "Baking cookies, making pizza or going to the water park."—Mellen R.
  8. "Seeds and dirt so they can plant a garden in the spring."—Diana S.

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