When it comes to the cult-favorite NoseFrida , there are two camps: Those who swear by it and those who could never . Though the innovative alternative to the bulb suckers of yore splashed onto the market less than a decade ago, it's without a doubt become a staple of modern parenthood–once you get past the total gross out factor.

For the uninitiated (of which there are very few, I'm certain), FridaBaby's NoseFrida is an award-winning snot sucker that relies on your own personal mouth and lungs to clear your little one's booger-filled airway. (I just had flashbacks and gagged. For real.) Just insert the tip of the syringe into their nose and suck through the tube attached to the other end. The snot collects in the syringe and never enters your mouth but I can't unhear that gurgling sound. Regardless, the results are impressive, satisfying and less traumatic for everyone than the old-fashioned approach.

But how do you take a near perfect product and make it better? Leave my mouth out of it. So we're pretty psyched that FridaBaby has heard the call and delivered.

Launched this week, the Fridababy Electric NoseFrida is here to support you through cold and flu season with a snot-sucking power tool that provides the same relief as the best-selling OG without the banking on your lung power. The easy-to-use gadget features three levels of suction that can be dialed up or down with the touch of a button, a distraction light to help squirmy little ones stay still and a USB rechargeable port so you don't have to hunt down batteries each time you reach for it. It's also comes with two different size silicone tips for newborn and toddler sized nostrils and a convenient case to keep everything together.

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