In the words of Chandler Bing, could we be more excited? Millennial moms, it's our time to come together and unite in our love of "Friends." Yesterday, news dropped that the official "Friends" reunion special will finally air on HBO Max on May 27. Though the reunion isn't going to be a reunion episode, it will feature lots of A-list guest stars and a completely unscripted gathering of the cast to talk about everything that made the show so special to so many of us.

Personally, my love for "Friends" runs deep (though I am aware there are many moments of the show that haven't aged well, as is common in old shows and movies).

When I was a first-time mom slugging my way through maternity leave at home with postpartum anxiety, the comfort of being able to binge a show I knew and loved brought a sense of calm and predictability to my days while my newborn slept and nursed and fussed.

The reunion is less than two weeks away, but if you're looking for a quick "Friends" fix right now, we've got you. Because there are so many GIF-able moments from the series that perfectly nail motherhood, please feel free to keep scrolling and prepare to LOL.

When you're still finding your rhythm while soothing your screaming baby:

When you realize you don't have any nice clothes anymore but you're still ready for Mom's Night Out:

When you walk past an overflowing garbage can for the fifth time after asking your partner to take it out:

When your child explains the same Roblox YouTube video they described to you yesterday (and the day before that):

When your toddler picks out their own clothes because "I wanna do it MYSELF":

When it's time to leave the playground but your kids don't want to go:

When you look at your nice, cozy bed after a long day of mom-ing:

Introducing yourself to other moms who are just as exhausted as you are for all the same reasons:

When you leave the baby with your partner so you can use up all the hot water during the world's longest bath:

Teaching your kid to ride a bike and they're seconds away from wobbling over and crashing:

When your baby finally sleeps through the night for the first time:

When Grandma has the kids for the night and you know you need to take advantage of some alone time before the sun sets because ZzzZzzz:

When you have two minutes to eat something in between naps/feedings/cleaning up/work meetings and just go for whatever's in the fridge:

When you just finished cleaning the house and your child/partner/dog does something inexplicably gross:

When you realize that even though you're not perfect, you have an awesome family that loves you, and hey, you might even be rocking this whole motherhood thing: