Ah, the baby registry. When you’re a first time mom, it can be so hard to figure out what you really need. And it’s all too easy to get carried away and just add everything that catches your eye—especially all those beautiful swaddle blankets that look *so* good on Instagram. But, when you look back, maybe having money on your Starbucks card was more important than those 17 blankets were.

We wanted to know what #TeamMotherly wished they had registered for, but didn’t. Here’s what they shared:

“Velcro swaddles, socks, infant Tylenol, gas drops, herbal milk tea, frozen meals (if you register at a Super Target or Super Walmart), Zout laundry spray.”—Julie Reeser Draughon

“Nothing! I would have registered for much less (zero pacifiers, zero swaddles, zero bottles) as you never know what your baby will need/want. I had way more than I needed/used.”—Rebecca Ann

“A cleaning service and restaurant gift cards.”—Devon Ebsen Yochum

“More diapers and wipes and less stuff...we never used our bassinet, crib, rocker, etc, they just took up space and you can’t even donate or resell them for close to what they are worth.”—Christina Guerrero

“A wrap such as Solly or Boba for the first 3 months.”—Liz Good Selby

“Free babysitting...coffee delivery on demand.”—Ginger Seven

“I wish I hadn't taken the time to make a registry at all because only one person actually looked at it anyway.”—Samantha McPherson.

“Convertible car seat, Nuna Leaf, Nested bean and Halo swaddles.”—Kendall Rae

“A ring sling and babywearing consultant session! And way more cloth diapers.”—Liz Kautz

“Yup, Dock a Tot. My newest lifesaver!”—Sarah McLean

“Amazon gift cards.”—Rebecca Ann

“Postpartum doula.”—Candi Barbagallo Davis

“I wish I had registered for things I'd need when they are older... e.g. no need for $10 swaddle blankets but a big boy car seat or a double stroller when number #2 came along. That would have been smart.”—Meghan Glasgow

“More Halo swaddles.”—Butler Joy

“A babysitter.” —Laura Cochran

“Starbucks gift cards!”—Katie Haddad

“Baby Bjorn rocker, Dock a Tot, convertible car seat in addition to the infant one.”—Briana Cheverton

“I wish I had registered for a manual! Lol.”—Meagan Nicole Puckett