The 5 baby registry items I can’t live without

The scoop on everything you really need to keep baby happy + healthy—and everything you don’t.

The 5 baby registry items I can’t live without

A mobile walker.


walkers usually look like a table on wheels that baby sits inside. Babes

who spend too much time cruising around in mobile walkers learn to crawl and

walk slower than other children.

Plus, walkers on wheels pose serious

dangers to your little one's safety. In fact, the AAP has even

recommended a ban on mobile walkers.

Trust me, baby will be mobile before

you know it—and there's no need to hurry things along!

A breastfeeding cover.


news! It is 2016 and breastfeeding is something no mama needs to hide!

Breastfeeding covers only seem to get in the way. Plus, they don't allow easy


eye contact between you and your darling babe.

In the U.S., 49 states legally

protect a mother's right to breastfeed in public (get on the ball, Idaho!).


is a challenging and brag-worthy accomplishment, and something to feel proud of.

The first time you accidentally leave your nursing cover at home, you will feel

such sweet freedom, you may never look back.

A glider and ottoman.


glider may be a nice addition to baby's nursery, but it is by no means a

necessity. You probably won't use it as much as you think, especially if you

already have a go-to seat in the house.

Plus, in your sleep deprived state, you

may begin to rely a little too much on the glider as a means of rocking baby to

sleep, which

may hinder baby from learning to fall asleep independently at bedtime.

A comfy-cozy baby carrier.


you are wondering how you might care for your baby while doing laundry, washing

dishes, grocery shopping, or answering e-mails, you may want to invest in a

second set of arms. If those are out of stock, a baby carrier or wrap may be a

viable alternative.

Choose one that is comfortable for both you and your little

one. I love the ErgoBaby because it can support children up to 33 pounds while

evenly distributing the weight for maximum comfort (and snuggles)! Plus, the

new Ergo

360 offers four possible carrying positions, including an ergonomic

front-facing position.

For a newborn, I also like the Moby Wrap, which offers a womb-like experience

for your babe (but doesn't feel quite as supportive or comfortable as baby gets


So, what are the top 5 registry items I've discovered I could have lived without?

A fancy high chair.


high chairs offer a cushy experience for baby. But, padding can make high chairs annoyingly difficult to clean.

Plus, a simple high chair that slides right up to the dining

table may encourage more interaction at mealtimes, facilitating

language development and healthy eating.

For an easy-to-clean (and dirt

cheap) solution, I love the Antilop chair

from IKEA.

Receiving blankets.


might be shocked at the number of these things you receive at your baby shower.

If you run out of uses, cut them into smaller squares and use them as wash

cloths for baby's messy eating habits.

A straightjacket…err, swaddle.

Swaddles aren't for every baby, just like coffee isn't for

every new mama. Some babes might resist at the beginning, but many will

ultimately succumb to the magic of the swaddle.

Research shows that swaddling

your babe can improve

sleep quality and possibly reduce the risk of SIDS. Plus, swaddling soothes baby by

mimicking the close confines of the womb and prevents that pesky startle


So, which swaddles are best for keeping your little Houdini bundled

up tight? If you have a true escape artist on your hands, I highly recommend

the Miracle

Blanket (otherwise known as the gift of sleep) and the Halo

SleepSack Swaddle.

With a few of these on your baby registry, you may just

get enough sleep in that first month with your newborn to write those baby

shower thank you cards.

I am the first to admit it: There are a few downsides of


Peeing every 15 minutes, sleeping (or not sleeping) on your back,

and the insatiable craving for chocolate ?.

When these annoyances start

to get you down, spend a little time pondering one of the best upsides of

pregnancy—your baby registry!

It can be fun to create a dream list of every

possible gadget baby might need until college graduation. (And if you ask your

nearest baby boutique, they will tell you it's completely necessary, too!)

Of course, there are a few things you really

need to ensure that baby is happy + healthy—and a few you don't.

In my experience as both a SAHM and working mom, these are the top 5 baby registry items that I have found to be indispensable for keeping baby (and mama) calm and content.

A fun-ctional diaper bag.


it is a comfortable backpack

or a coveted designer

baby bag, you will want a convenient storage option for all of baby's

on-the-go gear. There are countless options out there.

How do you begin your

search? First, make sure it is something your partner would be willing to

sport. I love the gender-neutral stripes and hidden bottle pockets on the Skip

Hop Duo in French Stripe.

Most importantly, opt for a moderate-size bag.

With a newborn, it doesn't matter how oversized the bag, you will inevitably

fill it to the brim with baby “essentials" know, like four extra pairs of

baby socks, 7 pacifiers, and a baby swimsuit for any spontaneous November swimming

escapades. For a lighter option, I love the Ju-Ju-Be Be Light.

A high-quality video monitor.

Modern baby monitors are a far cry from the old one-way

walkie talkies of yesteryear. These days, some of the coolest monitors

offer 1080p streaming video on your Smartphone, among a plethora of other


Especially for nervous new mamas, a video monitor will provide

reassurance whenever you think you hear baby making even the slightest peep…or (gasp)

not making enough noise.

It may even score you a few extra zzz's if you don't

need to leave your bed to check on baby.

A quality video monitor will provide different

benefits throughout infancy and childhood, including when baby is going through

a dreaded sleep regression, learning to stand in the crib, and transitioning to

a bed.

A top-notch stroller.

I'm not saying that you need to invest in the most expensive or prestigious

make. (But, if you are looking to cash in your IRA, Bugaboo is just the

beginning…There is even a new limited edition Mamas & Papas Urbo²

in rose gold!)

If you are looking for features to make your new life as a mama

just a little easier (without the blingy price tag), there are several fabulous

strollers I recommend. The Uppababy

Vista is reversible, comes with a bassinet, has a huge canopy and storage

basket, can be folded with the seat attached, and converts to a double—a true

selling point for cost-conscious mamas considering a second bundle of joy in

the future.

For lightweight options under $300, I like the Britax

B-Agile and Baby

Jogger City Mini.

This handy comparison

chart from BabyGearLab highlights the best features of this year's

strollers to help you find the perfect wheels for your babe.

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