George Floyd died too soon—a loss that robbed his daughter, 6-year-old Gianna, not only of her father but also of financial support. Thankfully, Floyd's fellow Americans are stepping up to make sure Gianna will be forever taken care of. Another celebrity has come forward to help ensure this little girl's future is financially stable.

Barbra Streisand just made Gianna a Disney stockholder, the little girl's family posted to her Instagram account.

"Thank You @barbrastreisand for my package, I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you," the caption notes.

This comes after Kanye West promised to pay for Gianna's education and after a Go Fund Me for her raised over 2 million dollars. Gianna also has been offered a full scholarship at Texas Southern University that she could use in about 12 years.

Streisand hasn't yet spoken out about the gift, and we don't know how many shares the 78-year-old singer bought for Gianna, but Disney stocks are obviously a valuable asset that could help Gianna in the future.

Streisand is active on social media and has been posting her support for Black Lives Matter and presidential candidate Joe Biden.