Allyson FelixWhen she competed in the track and field Olympic trials in Oregon last week, Lindsay Flach was keeping a secret: she was five months pregnant. Though once the event unfolded, it was impossible to keep the secret much longer—baby bumps have a way of making themselves known; they demand to be seen!

The 31-year-old heptathlete—that's an athlete who competes in SEVEN events—was in her 18th week of pregnancy and decided to keep the news quiet so she could finish her career on her terms, according to TODAY Parents.

Though she quickly took to Instagram to share her exciting news. "3rd Olympic Trials, This one looks a little different," she captioned her photos from the Olympic trials.

Flach has previously competed for a spot in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games as a heptathlete. While 2021 sadly marks the end of her heptathlon career, it's not all a loss for her because it's the very beginning of her motherhood journey.

"Every story has an end but in life every end is a new beginning," she wrote on Instagram. The secret is no secret anymore."

Flach said even though she was pregnant, she wanted to compete one last time. She's an inspiration for parents everywhere—your dreams don't have to be put on the back burner just because you're a parent, and her story serves as a reminder that your body is capable of doing so many incredible things all at the same time!

"There are so many stories about running while pregnant and working out while pregnant, so I'm glad I could be a piece of proving a woman can do it," Flach told TODAY.

Seven events is A LOT of events for anyone, even a seasoned and trained athlete like Flach. But to do the 100-meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, a 200-meter sprint, long jump, javelin throw, and a cool 800-meter run to finish WHILE PREGNANT? Well, that deserves a gold medal in itself.

Allyson Felix, a fellow track and field star, competed in Olympic trials earlier this month—her first since her traumatic birth two years ago. When she was 10 months postpartum, she broke Usain Bolt's record. Moms, man. They can do it all.

At the 2021 Olympic trials, Flach placed 15th out of 18 total competitors. As a trained athlete for years, she says her body is used to that type of exercise, and her doctors advised her that she could continue to do any activity she was already used to doing even while pregnant.

Though she's only about halfway through her pregnancy, she said she's already in awe of mothers everywhere.

"Even these 18 weeks I have learned mamas need way more praise than they receive," she said. "And are capable of way more than people allow or give them credit for."