Most of us look forward to showing our kids the movies we loved throughout childhood. But Hilary Duff takes it a step beyond that: She gets to show her kids the movie she starred in during her her teens.

As Hilary prepares to make a triumphant return to the character that launched her career (we're talking about Lizzie McGuire, of course!), she's taking a trip down memory lane...and bringing her children along for the ride!

Video: Hilary Duff watches Lizzie McGuire with Matthew and her kids

Hilary's fiancé, Matthew Koma, shared sweet scenes from the family movie night in his Instagram stories. Hilary sits with her son, Luca, and daughter, Banks, enjoying what looks like a totally relatable family movie night. The only difference, of course, is that Mama is on the screen!

When Matthew pans his phone to the television screen, you can clearly see Hilary singing in character as the beloved Lizzie McGuire. He flips the image back around to show the actress giggling as she and her kids watch Hilary do her thing.

How do we love this? Let us count the ways.

For one thing, it gets us really, really excited to watch the next installment of Lizzie McGuire, which will return to the small screen to take us along as its adorable heroine navigates her 30s. For another, we are so here for a clip of a mama sharing one of her largest career achievements with her family.

We bet Hilary's kids are so proud to see their mom killing it, and while most of us can't cue up movies in which we star, we can share our own professional wins with our kids in a similar way.

Lastly, this clip shows us all how far we've come: We were teens watching this movie at one point, and now the next generation is taking it in—more specifically, a woman we all viewed as a peer of sorts is watching this classic with her own kids. And as we sit here working through the highs and lows of #momlife alongside her, it feels like the coolest, craziest full circle moment.

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