Tying shoelaces is almost a lost art at this point, as so many tennis shoes for kids are made with that very convenient Velcro strip that cuts down on tears and time when you're rushing out the door. But learning how to tie shoes is a benchmark of childhood, and a task most kids simply must master—especially if they're rocking Converse sneakers, like the kiddo in the video. The UK mom who shared the video was, rightly so, very impressed with the 6-year-old child's ability to figure out an "easy way" to tie shoes, and now that knowledge is something all moms of little ones (and the little ones themselves) can benefit from.

The video quickly went viral on Facebook, and has been shared over 300,000 times in various mom groups.

Personally, I've known how to tie my shoes for 32 years, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be trying this myself because how could you not?
First, the child grabs the aglets of each shoelace (also known as the little plastic hickey-do), and sticks those into the eyelets of the laces. This creates two loops and holds them in place, leaving the child's hands free to knot the loops (twice, of course) and pull the laces together. They untuck the aglets at the end and VOILA—the shoe is perfectly and easily tied. It's basically a different take on the "bunny ears" method. Moms everywhere commented on the simple, quick shoe-tying "hack." "That is genius!! I'm using that for mine and the kids at school!" "Ooh! That is life-changing!" "Literally never seen it and I am amazed!" We love a unique hack for things like this, don't we, parents? YOU BET WE DO. Medicine hacks, safety hacks, napping hacks—GIVE US ALL THE HACKS.