If you have a school-aged child, chances are likely that you’re familiar with the nightmare of the school drop-off line. It’s packed, it moves at a snail’s pace, and it seems like no one abides by the general laws of traffic or the general rules of the school drop-off line. In short, it’s bedlam.

This is why one mom’s hilarious school drop-off video is going viral and resonating with parents everywhere. Texas mom Teasha Witherspoon absolutely nails the perfect “tutorial” for parents who might need some friendly advice or tips about how to be efficient in the school drop-off line.

“First things first, put your kids on the passenger side of the car,” Witherspoon says. Do you have more than one or two kids? Not a problem. Teach them how to “one-two step on out, slide or shuffle, whatever you gotta do to get them out.”

In the video, we see Witherspoon’s two young sons (looking adorable), already total pros at their mom’s “tuck and roll” drop-off etiquette.

The next step is simple: make sure your kids have their hands on that door latch “three or four cars” away from the school entrance.

Next, make sure your kiddos are “holding the latch” once you are “three or four cars” from the designated drop-off area.

“Third, stay with me, they should have their backpacks on,” she advises. “In the car. It’s OK, they’re working on their posture. Let them sit up. They need to be ready to go.”

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In the video, Witherspoon shows a mom who put the car in park, got out of the car and opened the door for her child. This is a no-no, according to her plan.

“Y’all have got to stop getting out of the car and opening the doors for them. Let them open their own damn door—it takes too much time,” she says. (Where is the lie?)

And her last step is by far the best one (and a joke.)

“Most importantly, we are yielding,” Witherspoon says. “It’s not a stop. It’s a yield…We’re gonna teach them how to tuck and roll.” (FWIW her car was stopped and her sons were able to get out of the car safely and were just fine because they’re experts.)

The video, which has over three million views, has parents everywhere cheering (and laughing.)

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If you’re a parent guilty of holding up the line, it’s still early enough in the school year to amend your ways! Watch this tutorial and practice your own “tuck and roll” (not really, of course, but you get the idea) and you’ll be a school drop-off pro in no time!