If you've ever returned to work while breastfeeding, you know there's a lot to consider in order to make it all work. From scheduling pumping breaks to dealing with leaky breasts or, if you're working from home with your baby nearby, nursing a wiggly infant while conducting business, the juggling act is no joke. And while there's a pretty long list of ways society could step in and help mamas make it all work, we also need to consider our need for nursing-friendly clothing that makes breastfeeding on the job a little bit easier without sacrificing fashion.

That's why we're loving a recent look worn by new mama Katy Perry. Perry, who is a judge on American Idol, showed up to work on the show in typically fabulous fashion wearing an incredibly bold printed pants-peplum-top-cape-and-hat ensemble. In addition to serving straight fashun, Perry also gave all the breastfeeding mamas out there a minute of pure relatability.

A clip from the show, which was shared on social media, gives us a glimpse at the moment. "And if I need to feed, I'm ready to go!" Perry exclaims in the clip before pulling down a hidden nursing panel from the front of her dress. We love it!

This isn't the first time we've seen Perry in the super chic Christian Siriano number. She previously shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing it for her return to work. The image is captioned "MUTHA MILKS is back to werk @americanidol and it's udderly ridiculously MOO-ving already! Not pictured: my pumping breaks (shout out to @csiriano for the incredible custom costume ✨."

There's a lot to love about this. Not only is the look itself pure fashion fire, we love that Perry is showing the world what it really takes to juggle motherhood alongside a booming career. But she's also inadvertently making an important point: Mamas deserve to be as glamorous, as fashion-forward, as bold as we want to be. This is something we shouldn't have to say, but the reality is... we do have to say it.

The changes our bodies undergo during and after pregnancy have, quite literally, been around since the beginning of time. Yet somehow, we're just seeing an emergence in fashion-forward clothing made for pregnant and nursing mamas. And finding outfits that manage to hit all those notes (practical for nursing or pumping, work-appropriate and cute) is a whole other challenge. Luckily, we're finally seeing some progress in that area.

So let's give it up for Perry, who just showed the world that nursing mamas can still rock an outfit while getting down to business. It sure isn't easy, but this mama makes it look good.