Mindy Kaling posted her first baby bump pic on Instagram this week—a shot of her looking radiant in the sound booth at work. She's recorded her last lines for The Mindy Project, so now it's officially time to look forward to what's next.

She has previously admitted she's not so sure what she's walking into with this pregnancy—which has other newly pregnant women nodding their head in agreement. I mean, how does anyone know what they're getting into until they actually go through it?

Luckily, Motherly knows a thing or too about pregnancy and all its different phases. Here's some advice for Kaling and anybody else currently rocking a bump for the first time.

Be confident in your pregnancy body

The stylish star has rocked a number of little black dresses on red carpets since her pregnancy was first reported back in July, and she's certainly looking gorgeous and confident in her Instagram snap, but lots of soon-to-be mothers feel less than gorgeous in those pregnancy moments that aren't caught on camera. If that's an issue for you, try tuning into your body and taking it on a date to an exercise class. Connect with the body that's rocking that precious bump and remember to pamper yourself.

Take care of (and enjoy) your glowing skin

A woman's body isn't the only thing that changes during pregnancy. Our skin changes, too—there's a reason everyone thinks pregnant people glow! Kaling (or her makeup people) have likely noticed her skin has changed in recent months. If you're pregnant too, now's a good time to double up on the sunscreen to preempt dark patches that sometimes come along with pregnancy.

Your views on sleep might change

Getting enough sleep is important for that glowing skin (and every other aspect of pregnancy) but we all know it's hard to come by in the last stretch of waiting to welcome a baby, and even harder to come by after they're born.

Years ago, while promoting The Mindy Project (on which she multitasked as creator, star and executive producer), Kaling told Jon Stewart being awake is more fun than sleeping, but she might reconsider that a few months from now. The mom version of Kaling may have a different sleep experience than her pre-pregnancy self.

Don't stress about names

According to Vanity Fair, Kaling's Mindy Project co-star, Ed Weeks (aka Dr. Jeremy Reed) suggested his character's name for Kaling's future baby, but she rejected that suggestion. “She's like, 'That's not a first name. That's two names,'" he told the magazine.

Picking a name can be a big source of anxiety for moms, so while we suggest mamas consider their choices carefully, too much stress over suggestions and potential selections isn't good. In Kaling's case, she's got some time to make her choice.

Luckily for Kaling's fans, the as-yet unnamed baby isn't the only big change coming in her life. The Mindy Project may be ending, but we will still be able to see Kaling's creative touch on Hulu, where the mom-to-be has been working on a new series based on Four Weddings and a Funeral. She's also starring in the upcoming feature film upcoming A Wrinkle in Time which hits theatres in March.

Kaling's baby bump is just one change in this multitasking mother's life, and we can't wait to see what she does next.