Babies can be truly awe-inspiring creatures, so it's only natural that many parents would want the perfect name to capture the essence of their little miracles. There's something sublime about an ethereal, deeply emotional name meaning—especially when you're feeling extra blessed to be expecting. If your family plans on welcoming a new member sometime soon, this baby name list is as miraculous as they come.

Names that mean "miracle" or "blessing" conjure up the most beautiful, peaceful imagery, don't they? These names can work for either sex, too (names, like colors, are for everyone after all).

You don't have to follow any particular religion to believe in miracles. Miracles are generally defined as "that which causes wonder and astonishment, being extraordinary in itself and amazing or inexplicable by normal standards." Miracles are about hope, love, peace and admiration.

If you want to honor your baby with a name that serves as a permanent reminder of how amazing they truly are, and everything it took for them to be created, then any of these would be the perfect names for your little one.

If you're looking for something literal, Milagro translates to "miracle" or "wonder" in Spanish, Miracolo is Italian, Mirakel is Norwegian, and Milagre is Portuguese. Mireya is also a Spanish name that means "miracle." Loreto is an Italian name that means "miraculous." Karishma is an old, beautiful Indian name that means "miracle" as well. Also: Guadalupe, Keilani and Thalia.

More subtle nods to the miracle of your little wonder: Aaron, which means "miraculous" in Hebrew, Asher, Barack, Benedict, Boone and Jesse all mean "blessing" or "blessed." Eijaz is Arabic for "miracle," Ender means "very rare," and Ian is Gaelic for "gift from the Lord." Theo is a more modern nickname for Theodore (sorry, Ted) and it also means "gift of God."

Similarly, Mathew and Mikelle or Micaela (a Latin twist on the spelling of Michael) both mean "gift from God." Gwyneth, Sachi, Atara and Bea also mean "blessed."

While these awe-inspiring names come in a variety of languages and nationalities, there's something about French baby names that are just so pleasing to the eye and the ear, and Mireille, Marvel and Marvella are all perfectly miraculous names. Mirabel has a French sound to it, but it's Latin for "wonderful."

Though Jane and Annie might not be as unique as some other lovely monikers on this list, they're anything but plain when you take into account that they both mean "gift from God" and "blessed."

Perhaps something like Celeste strikes your fancy? If this name brings to mind starry skies, you're spot on—this divine name means "heavenly." Celia and Celine do too.

Any of these names will surely fit your own little miracle and the depth of wonder you feel about their existence.