Everyone thinks their birth story is amazing. Everyone. And you know what? All birth stories are amazing! But the mom in this viral TikTok has a pretty memorable birth story.

Because she traveled to the hospital on foot. WHILE IN LABOR.

TikTok user @kelskiller is the star of the video, being filmed by her partner as they’re trekking through the pitch-black darkness. Apparently, he forgot to fill the car up with gas…and it broke down. At the WORST possible moment.


he forgot to put gas in ? ##america ##healthcaresystem ##istrash ##fml

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“Well, our car broke down like a half-mile from the hospital,” she explains. “So we’re walking, because it costs a thousand dollars to order an ambulance.”

She completes the rest of the walk while in considerable pain, because, you know, LABOR.

Two things that, while completely out of her control, are still valid to be extremely frustrated by: the empty gas tank (COME ON MAN, YOU HAD ONE JOB) and the extremely expensive cost of necessary healthcare in America.

Luckily, things turned out OK for her and her family.


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♬ original sound – Hellsie

She safely delivered a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl (who already has a favorite hand gesture) after finally arriving at the hospital.

We’re willing to bet her partner will never let the gas tank get below 1/4 full ever again. LOL.