Mama of two and Instagram influencer Sara Celina, announced recently she's pregnant with baby number three.

While her posts showing off her new bump are beautiful, a more raw and relatable one has caught the eyes of other mamas on the social platform.

Celina shared a photo of herself hugging the toilet while suffering from morning sickness (which some of us know is not necessarily reserved for the morning) and her oldest daughter holding her hair back. The image is accompanied by a beautiful intimate recap of a conversation she had with her husband, as to why he snapped this not-so-flattering photo of her. In it, she tells her followers how her husband wanted her to remember this moment—even if she doesn't—because "it will bring something so extraordinary in the end." *cue the waterworks*

The post has over 24,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising Celina's husband for capturing this moment. "Yes!! So true and what a wonderfully supportive husband you have to not only recognize this, but want to document it so you can look back on it when they're all grown up and you've got an empty nest. You're doing great, Sara, and your family's love for each other is inspiring as always!! ❤️❤️❤️" one comment reads. Another one, which is basically of all us combined, reads "I just started Crying like a baby "

The viral Instagram post reads:

"My husband kindly snapped this photo of us earlier this week—I asked him not so kindly to f*** off and he did.

When I walked out of the bathroom an hour later I asked him why he felt the need to capture that exact moment, since it definitely wouldn't be one I wanted to remember, he smiled and said:

"Well, you've been sick all day every day for the past 4 weeks, you keep asking me and yourself if it's even worth it, having to feel this bad, so I wanted to remind you of why you're doing this, because even though this part sucks, it will bring you something so extraordinary in the end - it will bring you someone who loves you unconditionally even on your worst day, it will bring you a person that doesn't care about the fact that you haven't showered in 4 days and you're puking endlessly, she will still want to be right next to you, she will hold your hair up, pet you on your back and keep telling you that you're doing great, that my dear is the purest kind of love I've ever seen".

So thank you husband for always making me look at the big picture when I'm only focusing on the small things in front of me - because if this baby turns out to be even 1/10 as amazing as our others did, it's worth every single second of it. (Even though this part truly do suck)"