Thank you godparents. For all the ways you have become another place of comfort and trust for our children. For all the times that you have been their place to run to, their person to confide in and someone to lean on. For all the moments you have stepped in and taken a load off of our shoulders as parents—especially because relationships after children are hard and sometimes we need all the extra help we can get. 

Perhaps we don’t show our appreciation enough, but you are an essential part of our family’s support system—and we don’t know what we’d do without you.

You remind us that we—and our kids—aren’t in this alone. You remind us that our little ones are loved far beyond the walls of our home. You remind us that we all need people to depend on and fully trust with our most prized possessions—our children.

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Before having kids, I always lightly tossed around the idea of a godparent, and honestly didn't really know what a godparent is. I thought that it was merely just a beautiful title to give to someone who I felt close to, but I have learned that it is truly so much more.

When my husband and I started having conversations about our support system before our baby arrived—who we couldn’t do without and who would unselfishly step up to the role of guardian should anything happen to either of us—we settled on the perfect godparents for our son. And as I have watched our son’s godparents love and cherish him as their own, I have grown to understand the true sentiment and importance of a godparent.

They are a built-in second set of parents.

They are a gift of love—truly. They are the ones who go above and beyond for our kiddos. They are the ones who don’t mind every silly update—like the fact that our baby’s poop was a weird color last night or that our teenager almost drove over a curb when we were teaching her how to drive. 

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They are there every step of the way—through good and bad, ups and downs. Sometimes, they are the reset that our children need—and we are so thankful to be able to depend on them.

Godparents are the greatest gift—and the role is about far more than just a title.

It’s about choosing people who will show up for our children when we can’t. It’s about choosing someone who will drop everything with no hesitation to step in when help is needed. It’s about choosing people who will love and cherish our children as their very own.

Children have magical aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and friends—but there is nothing quite like the love of a godparent. 

They are a built-in second set of parents. They are confidants and best friends. They are people who care about our children’s well-being and share our values. They are the ones who understand what goes on within our home sometimes even more than we may know.

They get it—no questions asked. They know when to step in and save the day without us even having to utter a word.

So thank you godparents, everywhere. You may not get our appreciation enough, but you deserve the utmost recognition. You truly are the gift that keeps on giving. 

We (and our children) are truly lucky to have you.