To my son, you will never be too old to need your mama.

The days are already passing us by so quickly. I remember what it felt like the first time I held you in my arms, the weight of my tears and elation overwhelming. Now, I’m holding onto what will soon become memories of those big brown eyes that stare up at me when I sing you lullabies. Of the eruption of your laughter in the middle of the night. These are the moments that make a mama. These are the moments that fill my heart with joy, the moments that I never want to escape us. 

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But I know that one day, they will. That’s just the truth of the cycle of life. And here I am, trying to accept it. Trying to process that one day, those moments will become distant reminisces held dear to my soul. Because as you get older, you won’t require the same attention that you need from me now. Sometimes, you won’t want my attention at all. You won’t snuggle up in bed beside me and your father. You might spend a lot of time by yourself or out with your friends.

We may argue over why your room isn’t clean or why you didn’t take out the trash after I’ve asked you for the fifth time. Some days, I won’t understand you and I’ll cry about how you’re not my sweet little baby anymore. But that won’t be true. Because no matter how old you get, no matter where life takes you, you will always be my sweet baby. I will always be your mama—and I hope that you will always need me.

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Because at every moment, I will be there for you. With open arms. With words ready to comfort and soothe you whenever you may need them. With consolation after losing a game. With help on your math homework—even though I’m terrible at the subject. With nerve-wracking emotions as you learn how to drive. With dating—and even one day—marital advice. 

My love will be as evident and surrounding as it has always been.

I will be there with a mother’s tender touch to offer you whenever life gets heavy. 

Because that’s what mothers do. We put ourselves aside for our children, always. We naturally nurture. And that never leaves us. So it will never leave you. 

My warmth will follow and surround you on those cold nights. My gentle guidance and support will wrap around you, even when I am not physically there. 

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Because a mother’s love is eternal. It is everlasting. It goes on and on, forever.

When the world tries to make you tough and rigid, I will understand your need to be a soft thing. I will help you navigate your emotions. I will make mountains tremble at your name. I will carry you, again and again.

I will always be there. Even if as you grow older, it seems more faint of a presence. My love will be as evident and surrounding as it has always been. In the way that you carry yourself. In the things you pursue. In the decisions you make. Because you will remember the prayers that you were raised on. You’ll remember those lullabies that once graced your ears. You’ll remember that childish laughter of yours—and may the world never take that away. You’ll remember your mama took all her grace and taught the earth a new language of love.

Because a mother’s love is eternal. It is everlasting. It goes on and on, forever.

So when you need me, let these words remind you that no matter the years that stretch you further into age… I will be there. Always.