The moment I saw his eyes look up into mine my heart opened into an unknown abyss.

I never knew love could feel both so freeing and so terrifying.

Becoming a mother stirred something inside me, something that had been lying dormant perhaps since my own birth. It was a love so intense it not only burst at the seams but it leaked out into my own being.

Learning to love as only a mother can opened up a new love for myself. Opening my heart to love left my heart open to loving and discovering myself in new and extraordinary ways.

After the stages of sleepless nights, loss of individual identity, what if’s and loneliness, a void is opened and freed.

It is only after learning to truly love someone dependent upon you can you learn what it is to truly love yourself.

This life that relies on you says, “Hey, I trust you and I need you.” As those eyes look into yours, they see how absolutely amazing and special you are. And in their unconditional love for you, you see that you are worth your own unconditional love.

In the instant of becoming a mother your love grows not only for this new life but also for your own.

As your child was born in love and perfection, so too were you.

As your child deserves unending and beautiful love, so too do you.

You are no different than this child who you mother. You would never let anyone hurt or mistreat him, so why allow anyone, yourself included, see anything but love within you?

As you look into your child’s eyes and feel that deep love, see yourself reflected back and feel that deep deserving love as he does.

Falling in love again with yourself, knowing that you are deserving and worthy is a gift your child deserves. Love yourself unconditionally as only a mother can.

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