Mother’s Day is almost here.

Whether you are treating your own mother, pampering a new mom in your life or indulging yourself—my gift guide for fashion lovers is sure to have something you need (okay…need is strong—but something you want for sure!).

I’m breaking it down to cover all types of #momstyle—from spin class superstars to charity circuit staples.

For the Boardroom Beauty

Corporate mamas don’t always have the luxury of expressing their personal style. In a male dominated environment, women tend to tone down the fashion and femininity. Perhaps it’s time to step up the boardroom game.

image 1969

image 1970

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image 1973

image 239

For the Fitness Fanatic

Activewear has come a long way in the last few years. In fact, it’s difficult to find a modern day designer who doesn’t have his or her own collection. While I still suggest wearing real clothes when you’re not actually working out, I am stoked about the options out there. These pieces are sure to excite any pilates princess.

image 1974

image 1975

image 1976

image 1977

image 1978

For the Wanderlust Woman

Traveling in style is not the easiest thing for a mama to pull off. Especially when traveling with the kiddos-in-tow. The items below are sure to elevate your (or the recipient’s) jetset style in a flash.

image 1979

image 240

image 1980

image 241

image 1981

For the Fashionable Fundraiser

Fundraising for causes near and dear is a no joke job and it’s usually underpaid and underappreciated. So what can you do for the mom who makes all the magic happen behind the scenes? Pamper her of course! After all—she’s going to need to look like a million bucks at the annual gala she’s been organizing for 12 solid months!

image 1982

image 1983

image 1984

image 1985

image 1987

For the Foodie Fashionista

For the queen of the kitchen, there are far more glamorous things to gift than blenders and crock-pots. A beautiful washable dress for one or an elegant serving piece… Think of it as jewelry for the dinner table.

image 1989

image 1991

image 1993

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image 1997

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