Women in Virginia are officially allowed to breastfeed in public, effective Wednesday, as a new law goes into effect in the state today.

State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, herself a mother of two, introduced the bill in February after one of her constituents complained of being asked to leave a gym because the sight of her breastfeeding her infant made other patrons uncomfortable.

And that made Wexton uncomfortable.

The measure she introduced passed the state's Senate by a vote of 38-0. (#Girlpower!) To the good men and women of Virginia, congrats! You've made it easier for mothers to nurse their infant children, and that makes it easier for us to love you. (We were already big fans, but this move proves that Virginia really is for lovers.)

Hey Virginia: Want to know how not to treat a breastfeeding mother —and how you might help her? Check out our Motherly breastfeeding support tip sheet here.

And because we know you like to nerd out on mother-friendly public policy, we've embedded the law as passed by the Virginia legislature below.

Breastfeeding Bill

Photo credit: moppet65535 / Foter / CC BY-SA