Dr. Harvey Karp's smart infant sleeper, the SNOO, uses motion to soothe newborn babies and has been a big hit with celebrities, and Chip and Joanna Gaines are no exception.

The couple had a SNOO (they retail for $1,295.00) for baby Crew, and when the youngest Gaines started to grow out of the pricey bassinet, Chip took to Instagram to post a photo of Crew looking a bit too big for the much-hyped, high-tech bed, and wondered, "Uh oh.. what happens when they outgrow the #snoo??"

If you're Chip and Jo, what happens is you give that SNOO to a mama who needs one.

Kelly Claggett, a fan of the couple, commented on the photo.

"Sell it to me!!" she wrote. "After 12 years my husband and I are FINALLY expecting!!"

It was an offhand comment, a joke, Kelly thought. But Chip replied to her comment and tagged his assistant.

"We're so excited for you! Let's get her set up," he wrote. Whoever runs the @assistingchip account is good at their job, because that SNOO is now in Kelly's house.

In an Instagram post Friday the mom-to-be called the situation "absolutely BANANAS".

"I do not feel worthy of any of it," she writes. "Our baby and family is blessed by this random act of kindness and I'll never stop trying to pay it forward."

Congratulations on your pregnancy and the SNOO, Kelly!

(Chip's fresh out of Snoo's to give away, but if you're looking for one but don't fancy spending nearly $1,300 on it, you can now rent one for less than $150 a month. That might be wise, as Crew proves babies do grow out of them pretty quickly.)

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