If you're the type of person who simply can't choose when someone asks what your favorite holiday is, you're going to want to get your credit card out right now. Walmart is selling some bright orange Christmas trees that are so much fun for little ghouls and goblins who are already looking forward to Halloween.

We found orange trees starting arounud $150 on Walmart.com, with some models going for as high as $800. On Treeopia, the 100% Orange Halloween Tree is on sale for as low as $129.

Whether you're setting one up to scare up some laughs in your living room, or displaying it in your front yard for neighborhood thrills and chills, there are endless design inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. And if you find the price of a new fake pine or fur just too frightening, there are plenty of ways to give your current tree a Halloween makeover—think lots of orange, black, white, skulls, bats, and of course, pumpkins.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that most people follow—the Christmas tree goes up no earlier than Thanksgiving, and comes down sometime in January. But where's the fun in that?

Decorating Christmas trees for other holidays has become super trendy in recent years, so you've got the perfect excuse to keep your tree up pretty much all year round if that strikes your fancy. There are Valentine's Day trees, birthday trees, even Independence Day trees—so it's no surprise that Halloween is in the mix, too. And with a lot of uncertainty over traditional Halloween festivities like trick-or-treating this year due to the pandemic, a sparkling Halloween tree could be the perfect way to keep your family's spooky spirits up.