Ah, fall. The weather cools down, the leaves turn beautiful shades of red, green and yellow, pumpkins appear on porches and the time for signature Starbucks drinks (pumpkin spice cold brew, anyone?) are here. Not to mention, all of the fabulous scarves and jackets waiting to be worn out and about.

But, it’s also a time to bring out the cutest, most adorable Halloween costumes you’ve ever seen. Consider this, Halloween only comes once a year. This is the youngest your kids will ever be. There’s only so many times they’ll let you dress them without any fuss. And, if it’s your baby’s first Halloween costume affair then that’s as great as an excuse as any to go all out. Whether you’ll be trick-or-treating or not, your baby’s first Halloween costume is one to keep on record.

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Sure, we love family costumes, but nothing warrants the biggest smiles and laughs like baby costumes. From pumpkins and candy to mini ghosts and celebrities, these baby costumes for Halloween from Instagram are sure to make your baby’s first Halloween a memorable one!

40 sweet baby Halloween costumes

Forget the Halloween candy. If you’re looking for sweetness, check out these adorable baby’s first Halloween costumes:

1. Baby Starbucks FTW

2. Dessert never looked so sweet

Buy this adorable costume here!

3. We want to eat this right up

4. Because when else will they let you dress them like a chicken?

Buy this sweet chicken costume here.

5. Granny knows best

6. Lucky lil’ ladybug

7. The cutest garden gnome you ever did see!

Find your own gnome costume here.

8. *Rawr*

9. A cozy hat that doubles as a Cabbage Patch wig? Costume complete!

Buy your own here.

10. To infinity…AND BEYOND!

Shop the official Disney costume here.

11. What has 8 legs and a whole lotta cuteness?

12. Pubert! (Real ‘Addams Family’ fans know)

13. Cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Shop Pottery Barn’s sweetest fleece pumpkin costume here.

14. Did someone say “moo?”

15. There’s no place like home

16. The cuddliest bat on the block

17. Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

Buy the sparkle Barbie bodysuit here.

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18. A teeny tiny skeleton

19. And they call it…”puppy love” ๐ŸŽถ

20. Because you’re never too young for Harry Potter

Buy your own Harry Potter outfit here.

21. Snow White (and her apple)

snow white
Keshia Williams

22. Flamingo

flamingo baby costume
Crystal Mijailovic Quayle

23. Princess

princess baby costume
Chelle Zellers

24. Troll and Jack-o-lantern

troll baby costume
Rima Ivy

25. Happy lobster

lobster baby costume
Holly Simon

26. Wild Things baby edition

wild things baby costume
Nicolle Mallinson

27. The king of rock and roll

elvis baby costume
Brittany Lara Pilcher

28. Stay puft

marshmallow man baby costume
Anna Kirschbaum Frary

29. Old lady

old lady baby costume
Kristen Poat

30. And a dash of soy sauce!

sushi roll baby costume
Chelsea Druso

31. Monopoly Man

monopoly baby costume
Allanah Bryant

32. Extra whip cream, please!

frap baby costume
Courtney Richards

33. Skunk

skunk baby costume
 Kelsey Maier

34. The cutest mouse

mickey mouse baby costume
Victoria X Yang

35. Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter

harry potter kid costume
Karisa Seamans

36. Giraffe

giraffe baby costume
Heather Dorman

37. Bear-y cute

bear baby costume
Kristen Reay

38. Monkey (and bananas!)

monkey baby costume
Taylor Zuiderveen

39. Puppy

puppy baby costume
 Brooke Shemer Zweig

40. “Home Alone” characters

home alone baby costume
Molly Anderson Caton

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