It’s almost time for Halloween! It’s a time for scary movies, mystery pot roasts and maybe some funny Halloween memes to lighten the spooky side of things. Oh, and, you love dressing up. Or, maybe, you hate dressing up but your family or friends or next door neighbor really want you to dress up. Did we also mention that you’re pregnant?

This is the year to dress up your bump! Halloween costumes for pregnant women are super adorable—and you can get really creative by integrating your bump into the action. And, no matter where you are on your journey there’s definitely a costume that’ll get you excited this spooky season. Even if the only thing you’re looking to be is well-rested and on time, these photos of maternity Halloween costumes are sure to brighten your day.

And don’t worry about the research part. You’re already doing enough, mama. So, whether you’re 8 weeks pregnant or 38 weeks pregnant, we found the cutest (and rather genius) maternity Halloween costumes.

Looking for a pregnant grinch costume? Maybe a mother earth costume is more your style. Or, maybe, you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to paint your beautiful baby bump? Check out these ideas from pregnant mamas for inspiration!

28 adorable ideas for maternity Halloween costumes

1. Avocado toast!

2. Prego (it’s perfect and easy)

3. The Grinch

4. Winnie-the-Pooh

5. A Miley Cyrus Halloween

6. Gumball machine

7. The bones

8. “I feel like I’m carrying a watermelon”

9. An incredible pick

10. Under construction

11. Under wraps

12. “Trollin’ for treats”

13. “Baker with a bun in the oven”

14. Beach ball belly art

15. A monster family

monsters inc 1
Image: TheOverwhelmedMommy

16. Monster fun

17. Kool-Aid smile

18. The perfect scoop

19. Voilet from Willy Wonka

20. Mother Earth

21. Concrete evidence

22. Hocus Pocus

23. Lil’ pumpkin

24. Batter up!

25. June from “Handmaid’s Tale”

26. Momster-to-be

27. Kangaroo mama

28. Mer-mom

Diva Anwari also contributed to this post.

A version of this post was published October 18, 2021. It has been updated.